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Acrylic Gel Kodi Professional

KODI Professional acrylic gels are a wide range of innovative materials for modeling. The technologists of the American brand have developed unique nail-products, allowing easy, simple and fast nail extension on the forms and tips. The result of their use is the ideal architecture, strong, light and flexible, lustrous nails. Any length, shape and nail ideas!
The Kodi line of acrylic gels is all you need for professional scale-up:
- A new generation acrylic-gel system.
- Constructing gels - the gel system "Expert".
- Basic acrylics and biogels.
- Quick-curing acrylic powder.
- Mattifying acrylics and gels.
- One phase and three phase gels.
- Monomers.
Kodi acrylic gels are the ideal materials for salons and craftsmen in terms of quality/price ratio. They are easy to use, which has made them mega-popular with home build-up lovers.
Competitive advantages of Kodi acrylic gels
- Naturalness - artificial nails are virtually indistinguishable from natural nails.
- Absolute safety for the natural nail plate.
- Increased strength and excellent durability - for up to 3 weeks without the need for correction.
- Extra plastic, medium viscous and viscous consistency.
- No burning sensation during curing.
- No pungent odor.
For salons and beginners we have the best price offer on Kodi acrylic gels. We supply directly from the United States. We have cheaper and fast international delivery!

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