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A wide range of professional products for eyebrows and eyelashes brand ZOLA. 100% original. Choose and order at low prices! Free shipping. Air delivery worldwide.

The young Ukrainian beauty brand ZOLA specializes in the development and production of products for the care of eyebrows and eyelashes. ZOLA cosmetics are highly effective, have a uniquely rich composition, which includes plant extracts, vitamins, collagen, moisturizers and other natural ingredients that are valuable for the health and beauty of eyebrows and eyelashes. All brand products have a hypoallergenic formula, do not cause peeling and irritation.

Brow masters highly appreciate the quality and color palette of Zola paints. It consists of 6 primary colors and 4 corrector colors. This makes it possible to flexibly select the perfect tone for any color type. Brand paints have a new generation of soft alkali DMAMP ULTRA and a lamellar structure - the pigment and nutrients penetrate as deep as possible into the epidermis, the coloring is gentle and bright. This gives a high-quality and lasting staining result and additional care.

The Zola care line includes cooling tonics, Botox, cleansing foams, oils, lamination sets, waxes, scrubs, removers, brushes. All cosmetic products are made for professional use and with attention to women's health.

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