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Kodi rubber base gel

Kodi rubber base gel

Kodi rubber base gel

Kodi rubber base gel is a transparent rubber base for gel polishes from an unsurpassed connoisseur of the manicure world - the Kodi Professional brand. It is used as a base for any gel polish.

What is the main function of the Kodi rubber base gel? This tool is used to evenly apply a gel polish coating and give it even greater durability. It prevents all kinds of coating from peeling and prolongs its service life. It is recommended to use very carefully - in a thin and even layer- and avoid getting the gel on the cuticle. It is necessary to ensure that the edge of the nail is sealed. Dry the freshly applied base in a UV lamp (two minutes at 36 W).

The Kodi rubber base gel is the tool directly responsible for the fastening and wears resistance of the gel polish coating. Without her participation, a correct, flawless, high-quality manicure using gel polish is impossible.

Kodi rubber base gel

Classic nail polish has a lot of flaws. First, they quickly lose their bright appearance. Secondly, they contain harmful chemical components, which is why a pungent odor appears.

The use of such materials for manicures nullified Kodi’s rubber base gel. Their composition is truly innovative because it differs in consistency and application technology. Such shellacs are converted under the action of unique ultraviolet lamps. The result is an unsurpassed manicure for two to four weeks.

Kodi Professional is a company whose products appeared on the shelves in 2005. Since that time, the company's consumables have been popular all over the world. Perhaps the main feature lies in the composition: a polymer of natural origin, which does not dissolve alcohol or acetone. Thus, rubber base gel Kodi is great for nails and skin, as it does not contain toxic substances or hazardous chemical compounds - only environmentally friendly ingredients.

It is profitable to buy Kodi varnish because the price is lower than that of similar professional brands.

The benefits don't end there:

  • the non-viscous texture is easily applied to the nail plate and does not spread;
  • a wide range of colors. The palette is easy to mix, resulting in unique shades;
  • Due to high-quality raw materials, a manicure using this shellac lasts up to three weeks. At the same time, you can carry out your usual duties without exception;
  • suitable for both masters and lovers of beautiful nails at home.

If you are going to buy rubber base gel Kodi, you should be aware of the significant advantages compared to analogs:

  • the coating is durable; therefore, it is resistant to chips, cracking, and various mechanical damage;
  • when using the mentioned remedy, it is not necessary to carefully treat the top layer of the nail. This is preferable for lovers of frequent image changes;
  • the tint palette is extensive, so it is easy to choose options for a unique bright manicure;
  • when using a high-quality brush, which is easy to buy in our Lemonade online store, the gel polish does not flow and does not leave streaks. All thanks to the consistency;
  • due to extraordinary compositions, it is easy and quick to remove the coating;
  • no chemical odor
  • affordable cost, both for masters and amateurs;
  • the original consistency is maintained during the entire period of use;

Using shellac Kodi Professional also means faster drying in a UV lamp.

Note that the mentioned brand belongs specifically to the professional segment, which means that its quality is high, as is its versatility. Perfectly combined with other products for manicures or pedicures.

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Formulaprofi has been successfully operating in the beauty industry market for more than a year. The main part of our range is made up of professional cosmetics from well-known and trusted manufacturers. Kodi Professional is one of them.

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