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Brand: Kodi Model: KA0060001
Kodi Crystal Clear Biogel is used for strengthening nails and modeling long nails. It is liquid, self-leveling, highly malleable and allows easy C-curve modeling. It has excellent elasticity and adhesion to the surface of the nail plate. Contains rubber fibers, which ensure the strength of the gel s..
10.00 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KA0060002
Liquid, single-phase biogel for nail length extensions and nail strengthening. It is based on a rubber formula. It is absolutely safe for natural nails and creates a super strong structure. It has a number of weighty advantages: crystal clear, plastic, self-leveling, perfectly adheres to the nail su..
18.00 $
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Kodi Biogels are liquid, transparent, single-phase gels designed to model the shape of the nails and strengthen the nail plate. They are based on natural rubber and are not harmful to natural nails.
It is the ideal material for building up the length of short nails. Kodi biogels have a high degree of adhesion and self-levelling quality. They are easy to apply with a brush and spread evenly, do not cure in the air.
We supply directly from the USA. We offer to buy Kodi biogels in wholesale and retail at a uniquely favorable price. Fast delivery.

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