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Brand: Kodi Model: KA0110001
Acrylic clear liquid suitable for working with colored acrylics, used in acrylic modeling. High plasticizer content! Reacts with acrylic powders to form an elastic, thin yet strong coating with high adhesion. Retains the shade of colored acrylics. Absolutely safe, hypoallergenic composition. We offe..
9.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KA0110002
All masters working with colored acrylics want to buy Kodi transparent monomer. This is a professional liquid with a safe composition and high content of plasticizers. Strengthens the adhesion. Does not change the shade of acrylic powder. Allows modeling strong, elastic and thin nails. Ideal for vol..
21.00 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KA0110003
The perfect clear monomer in a professional volume. It is based on ethyl methacrylate. Does not change the color of acrylic. Provides a medium curing speed of the material. Used for acrylic extensions and sculpted designs. Contains UV filters to eliminate yellowing and discoloration during wear. The..
31.00 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KA0110004
Used for French modeling, volume design. Uniformly combines with acrylic powder to form a homogeneous, super plastic material without lumps. Easy to distribute over the nail surface. Contains a special purple pigment that provides a durable ultra-white color. In our store you can buy Kodi violet mon..
9.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KA0110005
Buy Kodi monomer - the right solution for French modeling, white molding. The liquid is based on safe ethyl methacrylate and purple pigment that provides a durable ultra-white color. Contains a high percentage of plasticizers - elasticity and natural thinness of the extensions. Does not harm the nat..
21.00 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KA0110006
Kodi violet monomer in a professional volume. It is used for modeling, ideal for French technique, white modeling. Its formula is based on safe ethyl methacrylate and a high percentage of plasticizers. It contains a UV filter. Allows modeling elastic and thinner nails of any shape and length. Contai..
31.50 $
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Kodi Professional monomers are represented by a wide range of ethyl methacrylate-based fluids. They are designed to work with acrylic powder. The different curing speeds allow each technician to find the ideal option for themselves. The line includes odorless, transparent, blue and purple liquids for French modeling.
Monomers from Kodi are an easy application of acrylic powder and increased adhesion. A high percentage of plasticizers provides strength, elasticity and maximum thinness of the coating. Due to UV filters do not change the original color of the acrylic. They do not contain methyl methacrylate or allergy-inducing components.

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