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Oxxi professional rubber base

Rubber Base Oxxi Professional

Oxxi camouflage and rubber base coats are all the wishes of professionals in one bottle!  The progressive American brand is famous for its unique developments that allow making the work of the nail-master comfortable, and the result flawless.


 Each Oxxi base is able to give perfect evenness, elasticity and strength to a manicure. It is thick, self-leveling, strengthening, durable and suitable for nail repair.  The brand's line includes classic transparent and camouflage base coats with pigments in natural tints.  There are interesting options with a shimmer.


 Among the clear advantages of the Oxxi base are:


 - High degree of adhesion.

 - Strengthening qualities.

 - Flexible after curing

 - Gives perfect evenness.

 - Easy to apply and self-leveling.

 - Allows you to extend the nail.

 - Doesn't have a heat spike in the lamp at all.

 - Safe for natural nails.


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