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Rubber Base Kodi Professional

Rubber Base Kodi Professional

Base coats by Kodi Professional  are a wide selection of corrective foundations for any task.  All of them are united by a professional composition, high adhesive qualities and a hypoallergenic formula that is safe for the nail plate.  It is a high quality material that has become the #1 choice for millions of nail-masters.


 The brand’s collection includes only modern base coats, which are rubber, reinforcing, camouflage. There are clear for application underneath colored gel polish, with dense pigment of delicate natural tints, shimmery, with and without a sticky layer.  A huge selection of volumes (from 7 to 35 ml) allows you to choose the perfect option for a salon, a private master and home use.


 Key benefits of the Kodi base:


 - Innovative safe composition.

 - Super durability and elasticity.

 - Has a strengthening effect on natural nails.

 - Doesn’t have heat spikes during curing and gains a beautiful shine.

 - Optimized density and viscosity, self-leveling qualities.

 - Can be used on brittle, thin nails.

 - Compatible with all known brands of gel polishes.


 Our online store is a major direct supplier of Kodi products.  Our prices are the most beneficial for retail and wholesale.

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