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Rubber Top Kodi Professional

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Rubber Top Kodi Professional

Rubber Top Gel by Kodi Professional is a top rubber top coat for gel polish. This product guarantees perfect durability and a finished look to the manicure. The product provides a reliable coating and a magnificent glossy shine to your manicure, which lasts more than 10 days.

The optimally shaped brush, made of high-quality components, will allow you to apply the product accurately without unnecessary smudges. A transparent coating is used in the final (third) stage of nail modeling using gel or acrylic. Protects nails from yellowing and chipping, hardens in three minutes under the influence of a UV lamp, and requires removal of the sticky layer. Rubber Top Gel Kodi Professional has a thicker consistency than top gel without a sticky layer.

Properties: Saves the decorative layer with gel polish from exterior aspects; Supplies impeccable durability and elasticity, averting flakes and breaks; Serves an aesthetic role, providing the nails a full and well-groomed look. 

Putting technique Kodi Professional

  1. Use Kodi Professional Rubber Top Gel in a light layer, making sure to protect the whole cover of the nail plate. There should be no spots left unfinished. Dry in a UV lamp for 3 min or LED lamp for 60 sec. (so that the coating dries accurately).

  2. Clear the tacky layer by tapping each nail with a lint-free cloth dampened with tack remover. The adherent coating does not need to be drawn from the Kodi No Sticky Top Coat.

  3. The final step, which will make the manicure procedure complete, is the application of cuticle oil and light rubbing it into the nails, cuticle, and periungual ridges.

History and activities of the company Kodi Professional

Some brands are becoming popular very quickly, all thanks to quality products, competitive prices, and attentive attitudes to customers. This happened with Kodi Professional - American quality allowed the Ukrainian brand to win the favor of thousands of nail masters, top bloggers, and just home users.

The brand appeared in 2005 and immediately established itself as a manufacturer of safe cosmetics, taking into account all the latest scientific developments and technologies. The quality of products is confirmed by certificates from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Today the Ukrainian brand is in demand in such countries as  Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, and Israel, and their number continues to grow.

The trademark, from year to year, participates in various exhibitions, conferences, and congresses as a sponsor, an honorary participant, and the owner of many awards. In 2015, the brand received a gold medal at the InterCharm Ukraine exhibition and a diploma "For the high professionalism of the Kodi  team in developing the brand in Ukraine and worldwide."

The company pays great attention to interaction with customers. In Kyiv, in the main showroom, you can always get expert advice on any issue related to Kodi outcomes.

The main products Kodi Professional

Of course, first of all, all experienced nail masters are familiar with Kodi gel polishes, and the rubber base and top of this brand won special love. The composition of the material does not contain harmful components, which makes it absolutely safe for work. Rubber provides excellent bonding to the nail, prolonging the wear period.

As you can understand, the production of various products for manicures and pedicures occupies a special place in the company. In addition to gel polishes, proficient varnishes, gel and acrylic lengthening techniques, special nail treatment products, jewelry, tools, brushes, and equipment are presented. From the products, you can also find primers, degreasers, adhesive remover, files and buffs, and lamps for curing gel polishes.

A separate direction was the production of products for eyebrows and eyelashes: coloring, correction, and daily care. In addition, decorative cosmetics, brushes, and permanent makeup products (pigments, devices, needles) are sold under the Kodi Professional brand.

How to order, delivery, and payment methods Kodi Professional

On the website Formulaprofi.pro, you can order all products from the Kodi company. This site is the perfect place for all professionals who are ready to create chic nail designs using high-quality materials.

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All orders are put together and shipped within 1-2 days by airmail from Kiev.

Shipment of the order takes 25-40 days.

The company accepts for payment: PayPal, as well as Visa and MasterCard.

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