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Kodi gel polish

Kodi gel polish

In the modern world, every woman strives to use her time wisely and not waste even precious minutes on trifles. But some things are so hard to resist! These include manicures. Beauties will always find time to make their hands neat and well-groomed. Gel polish for nails was developed by specialists of the American brand Kodi Professional.

Kodi Gel Polish will conquer all girls because it has undeniable advantages. It is easy to use, lays down evenly when applied, and does not spread. Thanks to a specially developed formula, uniform color is ensured in just two layers. A durable coating will delight the girl for at least a week. During this period, chips will not appear on the nails, and the color will remain bright and saturated.

Mode of application:

  1. After the manicure procedure, it is necessary to polish the nails with a nail file specially designed for grinding the upper surface of the nail. Then disinfect and degrease the nail.
  2. Apply a base UV coat. Use of bases and tops of other brands is allowed. Bake in the lamp for 2-3 minutes.
  3. After applying the base coat, use a color coat. Bake each layer.
  4. Apply a final UV coat. At the end of the baking procedure, remove the sticky layer with a unique tool.
  5. Removal procedure: Apply gel polish remover to a cotton swab. Please attach it to the nail plate and wrap it with foil. After 10 minutes, using orange sticks, carefully remove the remaining gel polish.
  6. At the end of any procedure, it is recommended to use cuticle oil.

Buy Kodi Professional nail products - always be sure of your attractiveness

Of course, all experienced nail masters are familiar with Kodi gel polishes, and the rubber base and top of this brand won special love. The composition of the material does not contain harmful components, which makes it safe for work. Rubber provides excellent adhesion to the nail, prolonging the wear period. The online store presents several collections of resistant coatings with different effects: with and without sparkles.

As you can understand, the production of various products for manicures and pedicures occupies a special place in the company. In addition to gel polishes, professional varnishes, gel and acrylic extension systems, unique nail treatment products, jewelry, tools, brushes, and equipment are presented. On our site, primers, degreasers, adhesive removers, files and buffs, and lamps for curing gel polishes.

The development and manufacture of Kodi Professional products are carried out in laboratories equipped with the latest equipment.

The company has excellent technical and intellectual resources, which allows it to develop and offer consumers the highest quality products. The range of cosmetics is quite broad, so consumers and professionals can choose for themselves all the preparations necessary for gentle and high-quality nail care. With products from the Ukrainian brand, you will always be confident in your unsurpassed appearance.

The Kodi brand

The Ukrainian company appeared relatively recently but has already acquired loyal fans. The brand's specialists develop and manufacture products for building and modeling nails, varnishes and care products, and professional tools. The high quality of goods has made the brand famous in many countries, and it is known and revered in France, Germany, Lithuania, Belarus, Italy, Latvia, Uzbekistan, and Lithuania. Cosmetics Kodi Professional has won the trust of professional masters and consumers, and it helps to translate into reality the most intricate fantasies and does not harm health.

Advantages of Kodi products

  • The benefits of Kodi gel polishes include.
  • Durability of a covering, resistance to the formation of chips, and cracking.
  • No need for intensive processing of the upper layer of the nail.
  • Wide color palette.
  • Consistency that allows easy application of the material. The gel does not flow and does not form streaks. Much depends on the quality of the brush.
  • Fast removal of a covering by unique structures.
  • No strong chemical smell.
  • Relatively low cost.
  • Preservation of the original consistency throughout the entire period of operation.

The advantage of buying gel polish is that you can safely go about your business without worrying about the integrity of the decorative layer. Drying nails takes a minimum of time. In addition, you can choose the shade (or series) you like the most.

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Practical - Kodi gel polish

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