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Fluids Komilfo

Brand: Komilfo Model: 5457-acrel-rastvor
Liquid for easier work with acrylic gel. Favorable volume of 150 mm. Designed to facilitate the application of acrygel. It makes the dense material pliable, not sticking to the brush, which allows you to quickly and efficiently smooth the surface. Such a tool effectively helps when laying out acryli..
8.25 $
Cuticle oil "Almond" 10 ml. Komilfo
Out of stock
Brand: Komilfo Model: Cuticle-oil-Almond-10-ml-Komilfo
Aromatic almond oil for cuticles with a rich composition. Use it regularly and your nails will be beautiful, healthy. Intensively nourishes, moisturizes and perfectly softens the skin. Makes the nail plate stronger and more protected. Prevents the appearance of cracks and burrs. ..
2.90 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Cuticle-oil-Berries-10-ml-Komilfo
If you want your fingers to smell like berries and look healthy, well-groomed, buy this cuticle oil with a natural composition and berry aroma. Its use will make the cuticle soft and elastic, the nail plate stronger. It is applied drop by drop on the finger with a pipette, it is very economically co..
2.90 $
Cuticle oil "Coconut" 10 ml. Komilfo
Out of stock
Brand: Komilfo Model: Cuticle-oil-Coconut-10-ml-Komilfo
Love the scent of coconut, then you need to buy Komilfo "Coconut" cuticle oil. Super nutritious, perfectly moisturizes and restores the quality of the cuticle, the skin around the nail and strengthens the nail plate. This oil will make your fingers beautiful. Use in the evening care and after the ma..
2.90 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Cuticle-oil-Grape-10-ml-Komilfo
An ideal cuticle oil with a rich vitamin composition and a pleasant aroma of sweet grapes. Nourishes, moisturizes the skin, strengthens the nail plate, creates a protective film. It has a regenerating effect, prevents the formation of hangnails. Oil in a bottle with a pipette. ..
2.90 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Cuticle-oil-Macarons-10-ml-Komilfo
Cuticle oil with macaroon scent. A bottle with a convenient pipette. Gently and effectively cares for cuticles. Perfectly nourishes, softens and fills with valuable moisture. Makes skin supple. It is used in salon procedures and in home care. Apply a drop of oil to the cuticles and massage it into t..
2.90 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Cuticle-oil-Mango-10-ml-Komilfo
An effective cuticle oil with a mango scent and a handy dropper. Softens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin with beneficial substances. It has a strengthening effect on the nail plate. It is quickly absorbed, does not leave greasy. You can buy fragrant cuticle oil inexpensively and with delivery to..
2.90 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Cuticle-oil-Vanilla-10-ml-Komilfo
This cuticle oil will enchant you with its sweet scent and impress you with results. Already after the first application, the cuticle is soft and elastic. It not only nourishes and moisturizes the skin, but also strengthens the plate of the nail itself. It is very economically consumed, such a bottl..
2.90 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: komilfo-oil-13-cutrus
Citrus cuticle oil in a stylish bottle with dropper. 100% natural composition. Gently and effectively cares for cuticles and nails. Citrus extract perfectly softens and moisturizes the skin, nourishes it with useful substances, slightly brightens, gives it elasticity. Vitamin E has a healing effect ..
3.90 $
Komilfo Citrus Cuticle Oil (with pipette) 30 ml.
Out of stock
Brand: Komilfo Model: komilfo-oil-30-cutrus
Cuticle oil in a volume of 30 ml. It contains citrus extract, vitamin E, mineral oils. Perfectly nourishes, instantly softens the skin, eliminates dry cuticles. Strengthens the nail. Prevents the appearance of cracks and burrs. The oil has a pleasant citrus aroma. A bottle with a pipette. Order, we ..
5.00 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: komilfo-oil-8-cutrus
The most popular cuticle oil in an economy volume of 8 ml. Completely natural composition: citrus extract, mineral oils and vitamin E. It has a softening, moisturizing, regenerating, healing and firming effect. Suitable for regular use. ..
3.10 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Cleanser-DoubleShine150ml
This innovative clinser allows you to quickly and completely remove the sticky layer (up to a squeak) and create an extra shine of gel polish, gel decorative coating. Any top with a sticky layer gets an extra bright expressive gloss that does not fade for the entire duration of the manicure. Safe co..
7.20 $
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Auxiliary liquids Komilfo is a fairly wide product line, including all the necessary tools for the preparation and final work when creating a manicure, pedicure in the salon. The assortment of the brand has everything: ultrabond, means for removing the sticky layer, primers, dehydrators, removers, for easy application of acrygel and many other items that are in demand among masters.
A feature of Komilfo auxiliary fluids is a safe, effective composition and convenient volumes (from 125 to 1000 ml). Such products make a manicure or pedicure safe for natural nails and long-lasting.
We are a partner of an American brand, which allows us to always have the entire range of Komilfo liquids in stock. We have the lowest prices. We deliver goods for manicure and pedicure worldwide by air delivery.

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