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Oxxi top

Rubber Top Oxxi Professional

 With the help of Oxxi tops, nail-masters create original and super long-lasting options for gel polish manicure.  Those, who tried to work with the material of the American brand at least one time, class it as the best one.


 The Oxxi Professional line includes tops with and without a sticky layer (no wipe), classic and based on a rubber, with a pronounced glossy shine and matte effect, pearl and “cat's eye”.


 Each top of this brand is comfortable to use, has an average consistency, viscous, self-leveling, gives a perfectly smooth and super strong coating with the effect of "liquid glass".  The Oxxi rubber top has become one of the most popular coatings for gel manicure.  It is characterized by fantastic durability of the coating and a gorgeous long-lasting gloss.


 Benefits of Oxxi tops:


 - High durability.

 - Excellent elasticity.

 - Optimal viscosity.

 - Flexible in application, fits perfectly on the nail.

 - Comfortable brush allows you to cover the nail in one movement.

 - Doesn’t spread messy, no heat spike in the lamp.

 - Safe composition and hypoallergenic ingredients.


 Our direct supplier’s prices allow you to choose several options for premium Oxxi tops at once.