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Kodi lamp

Kodi lamp

The range of lamps for a manicure is so vast that choosing any model without prior consultation with an expert becomes a daunting task. Novice masters, who have recently mastered the profession, and ladies who do manicures at home, often do not know which nail lamp to prefer and what device characteristics to pay attention to.

Which nail lamp to buy Kodi lamp

To make the right and informed choice, take your time buying the first nail lamp in the store. Learn more about the technical characteristics of different types and models of nail lamps, read reviews about them, and if something is unclear, contact a consultant: he will tell you which nail lamp should be preferred in your particular case. Even models of the same type can have different power, which affects the drying speed. So, if you need a nail lamp primarily for the extension procedure, prefer high-power models (for example, 36-watt ultraviolet nail lamps). And if the nail lamp will be used mainly for drying gel polish, a 9 W model will be enough.

Having decided on the type and power of the device, pay attention to the nail lamp's size, weight, and functionality. Is the design convenient? Does the nail lamp feel heavy or bulky? How long do you plan to use the device? Are you satisfied with its price? When choosing a nail lamp, you have to take into account that the most durable, virtually wear-free models (CCFL + LED) are usually the most expensive, and a cheap UV nail lamp requires regular maintenance and breaks down more often, so you have to look for some middle ground. We advise you to pay attention to the Kodi lamps.

Description of Kodi lamp

If you need a high-quality and functional lamp for drying gel polishes, pay attention to the new generation compact hybrid model from the well-known brand Kodi Professional. It has lower power and, as a result, less power consumption. However, this does not affect the quality of polymerization, so the lamp dries perfectly. The accessory has a laconic universal design, which allows you to complement the workplace of a nail master with it.

Features of Kodi lamp UV/LED 16W:

- compact size and lightweight;

- stable bottom;

- touch activator and ease of operation;

- reduced energy consumption;

- polymerizes gel polish and bio-gel from Kodi Professional;

- prevents the occurrence of uncomfortable sensations due to the special low-temperature regime, which ensures the gradual hardening of the material;

- up to 50,000 hours of operation;

- no need to change light bulbs.

Why buy products Kodi lamp from Formulaprofi

Formulaprofi has been successfully operating in the beauty industry market for more than a year. The central part of our range is made up of professional cosmetics from well-known and trusted manufacturers. Kodi lamp is one of them.

Kodi Professional

The Ukrainian company Kodi Professional appeared relatively recently but has already acquired loyal fans. The brand's specialists develop and manufacture products for building and modeling nails, varnishes and care products, and professional tools. The high quality of goods has made the brand famous in many countries; it is known and revered in France, Germany, Lithuania, Belarus, Italy, Latvia, Uzbekistan, and Lithuania. Cosmetics Kodi Professional has won the trust of professional masters and consumers; it helps to translate into reality the most intricate fantasies and does not harm health.

You can purchase Kodi lamp from the following series:

  • Nail products;
  • Professional accessories.

Buy decorative cosmetics from Kodi Professional in Ukraine with a profit

The online store sells original Kodi lamp, which you can order with maximum comfort. We do not overprice goods, we do not take advance payment, and we do not charge additional commissions for services; therefore, customers receive financial benefits from cooperation. Delivery of purchases is free of charge to all regions of the country; we do not take an advance payment, which guarantees a safe transaction for all consumers. You will get the most pleasant shopping experience in our store, a high level of service, and a loyal pricing policy.

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High Quality - Kodi lamp

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