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Rubber Top

Brand: Kodi Model: 360003
A great offer from Kodi - base and top in one bottle and economy volume. Base Top 2-in-1 works as a transparent base for gel polish and as a finishing coat. Creates a solid base and finishing coat with a pronounced gloss. Suitable for natural and artificial nails. Has a more fluid consistency, so as..
5.10 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 360015
Kodi's mega popular matte velour top in mini volume and at the best price! It creates a velour finish that gives your manicure a noble, expensive look. It is actively used by masters to create chic designs. "Velour" new is designed for professional use. It is based on a new formula that provides exc..
6.00 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 360009
Finishing coat without sticky layer in an increased professional volume. Provides good elasticity and durability to the gel manicure. Creates a pronounced "wet" gloss effect. Ideal consistency, easy to apply in a thin layer, lies evenly on the nail, allows a good seal on the edge. Perfect for coveri..
7.50 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 460006
Top coat Crystal is a super enduring finish cover for gel polish within crystal, wet gloss. It is a premium quality nail material with an innovative contains. Top coat has flexible, elastic structure and has the ability to recover from external damages.  Doesn’t leave remaining stickiness durin..
8.40 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 360006
The rubber top with a sticky layer creates a rich glossy shine and ensures its brightness throughout whole wear of the gel polish. It protects decorative coating from physical damages, color fading and tarnishing.  Provides excellent elasticity and durability of the manicure without chips or pe..
7.50 $
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We offer inexpensive topcoats from the top rated brands - Oxxi, F.O.X, Kodi Professional, Luxton. They are professional tops with a premium composition and excellent performance. Each one evens out color, is characterized by high strength and elasticity, does not distort color, does not bleed, self-levels and does not bake in a lamp of any power.
The range includes tops with and without a sticky layer, rubber and medium-hard, with UV filter, fixing for design, 2 in 1 - base + top. Our selection is unlimited! Available in 7ml, 10ml, 15ml and Professional 30ml.
Huge selection of effects:
- Expressed glare.
- Velvety matte.
- Holographic Glitter.
- Reflective.
- Glitter.
- With flakes.
- Confetti.
- Mica particles.
All that dictate nail trends and choose your clients. We have the best price offer for retail, salons, nail studios. Order the best gel glacquer tops with delivery in Kiev and air freight to anywhere in the world!

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