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Matting Gel

Brand: Kodi Model: KA0130001
Buy Kodi camouflaging gel in mini volume advantageously for self-modeling nails. Natural soft pink shade. Soft, jelly consistency. It is easy and comfortable to work with. Perfectly hides all the imperfections of the nail plate. It has good plasticity and elasticity. It is applied in 1-2 thin layers..
9.75 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KA0130002
Kodi matte gel is three-phase, in a soft pink shade. It has excellent camouflaging and structural properties. It is suitable for problematic nails. Allows in a short time to model a perfect French, create a smile line without filing. Jelly consistency, excellent plasticity and strength characteristi..
18.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KA0130003
Kodi Structural Matte Gel is available in an increased volume. It is a premium material for modeling on problematic nails. It has a jelly consistency, does not flow and does not create lumps or bubbles. It masks all irregularities and yellowing of the nail plate with one layer. Allows modeling frenc..
24.00 $
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Kodi matting gels for modeling have excellent camouflaging properties, hiding all the irregularities and unnatural color of the natural nail plate. The colors of the gels are in natural shades, which allows you to create artificial nails that look natural. They are used in a three-phase modeling system. The gels are self-leveling. They have self-leveling properties. Plastic, allow modeling nails of any shape and length. It is easy to distribute with a brush, polymerizes well. The material is worn without peeling and damage for up to 3 weeks.

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