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Rubber Base Komilfo

Rubber Base Komilfo

The base for nails in appearance is an ordinary transparent varnish, which plays an important role. It helps to prepare the nails for applying a color coating: smooth their surface and fill in all the bumps. Over the base, the varnish lays down better and, as a result, lasts longer. There are bases for both regular lacquer manicures and for working with gel polish.

Ukrainian-made products under the elegant Komilfo brand are a wide range of materials and related products for manicures and pedicures with gel polish. A high-quality certified product range was created especially for beginners and professionals in nail service. A vast palette of color coatings, art gels, paints, high-quality abrasive files, and ease of use of manicure accessories - all these qualities support the professional interest in the Komilfo trademark among nail service masters around the world.

Base Komilfo gel can be used both in a thin coating (according to classical technology) and in the drop form (according to the technique of maintaining the nails and dropping the nail plate).

The base-corrector Komilfo also makes it feasible to produce broken hubs of the nail or nail up to 1 mm. The base can also be pointed like a gel, providing the selected shape.

A small about Komilfo base gel

Komilfo base gel is a youthful brand of professional cosmetics for manicures and pedicures. The company was founded in 2014 but has already established itself as a quality product manufacturer. The brand's assortment includes only high-quality nail care products, extensions, manicure/pedicure tools, gel polishes, tops and bases, and more.

What are the benefits of komilfo base gel?

Komilfo base gel products are made from the best raw materials in Europe, America, and Ukraine. Products of this brand are tested in several stages, after which they only go on sale. All products meet the standards of Ukrainian legislation and have quality certificates.

All Komilfo cover base products have a stylish laconic design. The company cares about its customers. The products have a high-quality composition, pleasant aroma, and elegant design and are also convenient to use.

Komilfo cover base products are suitable not only for professionals in their field but also for home use.


Komilfo's product range is extensive.

Comme il faut gel polishes are high-quality, comfortable to brush, and have a pleasant, slightly sweet aroma. Also, in the assortment of the brand, there are different types of gel polishes. Comme il faut gel polish color palette consists of more than 500 shades from 10 collections, constantly replenishing with trendy, unique colors.

No gel polish is complete without a base and top coat. The base for nails from the Comilfo brand guarantees even coverage, effortless application, and high-quality strengthening of the nail plate. Comme il faut nail top fixes the manicure with high quality and protects it from damage and color fading.

Komilfo cuticle oil has a broad palette of pleasant aromas, well nourishes the cuticle with valuable substances.

Comilfo extension gel is of high quality, has a long-wearing life, and does not harm the natural nail plate.

What are a base for nails and their types?

What is a base for nails, and why is it needed

A nail base is a special tool that strengthens the nail, protects it from the harmful effects of varnish, evens out the nail plate, and protects it from pigmentation.

The base coat performs the following functions:

  • It reveals minor defects on the nail and masks irregularities.
  • Provides strong adhesion of nail platinum and decorative varnish.
  • It strengthens the nail and gives it a certain rigidity.
  • Minimizes the risk of pigmentation of the decorative coating.
  • With the help of the base, you can also correct and grow the corners of the nail plate and strengthen the nails. Even if it is too thin and brittle, a manicure with an adequately laid base will last 2-3 weeks.

However, this tool, the basis of the manicure, must be chosen correctly. For different types of nail plates - brittle, thin, prone to delamination, and strong - a unique selection of the base coat is directed. After a visual inspection, experienced artisans determine how the type of base is best suited.

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