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Rubber base Luxton

Brand: Luxton Model: LB0010005
Hard rubber base in a perfect milky shade and economical 10ml format. No shrinkage, peeling or chipping. The translucent ivory color coating on your nails is trending! And this base coat allows you to create trendy nails. It is the perfect base for colored gel polish and painting. ..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: LB0010006
The most delicate milk base from TM LUXTON. Choose the volume of 15 ml. You will want to work with it again and again. Easy to apply. Creates an ultra-fashionable ivory color finish. Hard and supple. Suitable for all nails. Due to the rubber formula, it is worn perfectly, without peeling or chipping..
9.50 $
LUXTON Milky Puff camouflage rubber base, 30 ml
Out of stock
Brand: Luxton Model: LB0010007
Translucent rubber milk base in professional volume and at the price of a direct dealer. The best offer for craftsmen and salons. Stiff and elastic, extra resistant, does not give chipping and peeling. It is a pleasure to work with. Looks trendy on the nails solo, perfect for any color, great for pa..
13.50 $
Brand: Luxton Model: LB0010001
Luxton rubber base is thick, plastic with a deluxe composition and the best strengthening and camouflaging properties. It easily and effectively eliminates the defects of the nail plate, creates a perfect smoothness and smoothness. Prevents chipping and other problems that can happen during the wear..
7.00 $
Brand: Luxton Model: LB0010002
A rubber base with a luxurious safe composition in an optimal volume of 15 ml. This bottle is enough for more than a dozen gel manicures. It is thick, viscous, gives perfect evenness of the nail plate with one layer. Perfectly lays down and does not bleed. It instantly evens out. Provides a surprisi..
9.50 $
Luxton Rubber Base for Gel polish, 30 ML
Out of stock
Brand: Luxton Model: LB0010003
We have the best price offer on Luxton Professional Volume Premium Rubber Base. Safe formula! Suitable for all nails. Has unique leveling properties. After the first layer leaves a perfectly flat and smooth nail without imperfections. Increases the durability of gel nail polish at times. Works great..
13.50 $
Luxton Rubber Base for Gel polish, 50 ML
Out of stock
Brand: Luxton Model: LB0010004
For salons, private masters, nail studios Luxton offered its popular rubber base in the largest volume - 50 ml. It's a super bargain! Buy it at the direct dealer price on our website. It's medium thick and viscous, doesn't get slick on the sides and instantly self-levels, doesn't sag and is very lon..
19.30 $
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