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Manicure tool (Manicure Shovel) P-01 (12 cm)

Manicure tool (Manicure Shovel) P-01 (12 cm)
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Manicure tool (Manicure Shovel) P-01 (12 cm)

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Manicure tool (Manicure Shovel) P-01 (12 cm)

Two-sided manicure pusher made of stainless steel. On one side, the working blade is shaped like a rounded spatula, which is used to gently push back the cuticle and eponychium. The other side is in the form of a sharp hatchet, which allows you to clean the inner surface of the free edge well. The pusher is characterized by a high-grade hand-sharpening and does not lose its sharpness for a long time. Relief surface of the handle provides a reliable fixation of the tool in the hands of the master. Can be subjected to any disinfection and sterilization.

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