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Kodi professional

Kodi Professional is a Ukrainian brand with American quality! The brand began its history in 2005 and in just two years has won the love of millions of nail artists, top bloggers and just lovers of home manicure.

Kodi Professional has established itself as a manufacturer of innovative and safe cosmetics. The quality of the brand's products is confirmed by ISO certificates. Today, the brand's nail and beauty products are popular and in demand in Russia, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Israel, the USA and other countries, the number of which continues to grow.

The brand annually participates in various exhibitions, is the owner of many awards. The priority of the company is interaction with customers. The "KODI Style Studio" and training centers were opened.

Kodi Professional is a first-class nail product and series for eyebrows and eyelashes

Kodi gel polishes have won special recognition and love from professional masters. They are based on a completely new rubber formula and high quality, absolutely safe ingredients. This is a harmless, extra durable and plastic coating! The brand's assortment always includes a trendy palette. Gel polish Kodi is a huge variation of effects: magnetic, stained glass, metallic, thermo, glitter, mica, unique fantasy. Kodi rubber bases and tops deserve special praise from the masters.

Salons and private craftsmen choose Kodi gel and acrylic extension systems as a luxury material for harmless work with exceptional results. Also in the assortment of the brand there are products for strengthening nails, cuticle oils, jewelry, tools, brushes, equipment and special fluids: niprimers, ools, for removing a sticky layer, etc.

A separate area of ​​the professional brand is the production of products for eyebrows and eyelashes: coloring, correction, extension, care.

Kodi Professional has a huge range of decorative cosmetics and a line of products for permanent makeup.

We work all over the world! Including major countries: Israel, USA, Canada, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iraq, and many other countries around the world.

Kodi Professional is a company producing Professional cosmetics, including nail products.

Brand History

Founded in 2005, Kodi manicure and pedicure outcomes occupy a key position and a significant presentation volume, while ISO certifications confirm the rate of the goods.

Each created product is developed taking into account the needs of the market of the nail industry, thanks to which the products of the Kodi corporation meet the needs of the modern nail industry and are very widespread among nail experts of all levels. The constant, focused work on teaching the correct use of each of the Kodi Professional products in Professional salons has made the brand very popular because its products provide the perfect result in manicures and contribute to the constant development of masters.

Company activities to date

Kodi Professional has been developing high-class products throughout its activities, allowing you to choose an individual assortment for work for both expert and novice specialists.

The Kodi Professional sponsors and participates in major exhibitions, conferences, and congresses for Professional craftsmen and is the owner of many prizes. The firm's worthy work resulted in awards in 2015: a gold medal and a diploma "For the high Professionalism of the Kodi Professional team in brand development in Ukraine and the world", received during the InterCharm Ukraine exhibition.

Kodi is focused on constant client relations, which is why each service center has a specialist consulting service for each Kodi product. The Kodi Professional training center with the best teachers is aimed at training specialized nail aesthetics masters and other beauty experts.

The company's best-selling products

Gel polishes became bestsellers as soon as they appeared on the market. Rubber base and top coats are also trendy, which provide strong adhesion of the base coat to the nail, prolonging the wear period.

In addition, the company's product range includes extension systems, instruments, unique outcomes for nail treatment, brushes, and various equipment for manicures and pedicures.

Branded bottles of Kodi Professional products have certain properties that guarantee high quality. For example, a bottle of Kodi gel polish has a smooth black surface. There is also a unique QR code on the bottles; by scanning in the appropriate product control system, you can get information about the product. The composition of all coating materials of the Kodi Professional does not contain harmful components.

Where to buy products Kodi Professional

Our company managed to create one of the most successful projects in the country. This is because we initially had a goal - to open an online store with a large assortment and at the same time have a pleasant pricing policy so that each of our visitors can afford to leave us with the desired purchase, for example, a set for gel polish.

What is special about the online store "Formulaprofi"?

It is essential to us that our customers get the very best. Therefore, we closely monitor the appearance of new products and immediately try to offer them to you so that you can try and evaluate their benefits as soon as possible.

That is why our choice is incredibly wide and allows everyone, without exception, to find exactly what is needed. All items shown on our website are in stock. So, you can easily buy gel polish in bulk, which will allow you to maintain the health and beauty of your nails.

Why is it profitable to buy gel polishes on the Formulaprofi website?

 Due to their quality, our products are ideal for use at home and in beauty salons. It is of high quality and meets all the requirements and standards because we receive goods directly from manufacturers.

 We guarantee very reasonable and competitive prices. As already mentioned, we can provide such conditions through direct cooperation with manufacturing companies and due to a small margin on goods.

We are shipping orders to many countries. The list you can find on our website. If you haven't found your country in the list above, please contact us via WhatsApp, and we will clarify the possibility of delivery to your country. All orders are put together and shipped within 1-2 days by airmail from Kiev. Shipment of the order takes 25-40 days.

Of course, you will like it, and our managers have complete information about the entire range. They will help solve any problems and organizational issues in the shortest possible time.

An interesting fact is that 92% of the customers who once contacted us become our regular customers.

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