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Brand: Oxxi Model: OG0010001
Do you want a romantic luxury on your nails!? Then you definitely should buy Oxxi gel polish in a beautiful coral tint with a peach undertone.  This is love and excitement from the first layer!  New super pigmented formula and excellent long-lasting.  We are the direct suppliers of Ox..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OG0010002
A beautiful, hot coral red is the perfect choice for the outstanding personalities. There are high tightness of a pigment, perfect consistency, safe formula, pleasant smell and unique durability.  If you want to create a tempting manicure, then be confident to buy Oxxi gel polish in this amazin..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OG0010003
Every stylish woman will enjoy a warm universal orange color. We offer to buy Oxxi gel polish for masters and lovers of decorating nails on their own at the best price from an authorized dealer.  This is a premium quality nail material, which was produced with advanced technology for profession..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OG0010004
Here is the most trending color and the best price for Oxxi gel polish!  Light-red manicure with a fascinating glossy shine will make a point of your femininity and, significantly, make your look brighter.  It will look good on nails of any length and shape.  The quality of the gel po..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OG0010005
This is top color dark red!  It is elegant, precious and eye-catching at the same time.  This manicure is perfect for business and evening looks.  This is the most demanded color in nail-salons.  On our website you have the opportunity to buy Oxxi branded gel polish for the drops..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OG0010006
We offer to buy Oxxi brand gel polish in a hot dark red tint  for beautiful women and nail-masters at the best price. It contains the smallest amount of shimmer, that creates a gorgeous shimmering effect. It is thick pigmented and creates a deep, solid color on the nail-plate with the first app..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OG0010007
A sensual fire red color with a coral undertone will create a hot manicure with a romantic feel.  It is gorgeous in a one-colored design, also it can be an excellent basis for a bright nail art.  As a dropshipper of Oxxi products, we offer the best prices of American brand products to our ..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OG0010008
It is the hottest tint in the Oxxi palette.  It brings out emotions, makes the look brighter and more tempting.  To buy a premium quality bright red gel polish on our website is the right decision for nail-masters and lovers of manicure at home.  You benefit from price and are guarant..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OG0010010
The soft pink-coral tint of Oxxi gel polish gently refreshes and gives the look a romantic feel.  The elegant personalities will definitely enjoy it.  This is the most demanded color in the palette of nail-masters.  You can buy professional gel polish from us at the best price.  ..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OG0010011
It is incredibly beautiful rich coral pink with a premium formula and ingredients. This is the color of tenderness and youth.  It will be perfect for casual looks and special occasions.  The quality of the gel polish will allow you to create really flawless and long-lasting manicure. It is..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OG0010012
A juicy crimson manicure will give a flirty touch to your look.  Its beauty is emphasized by a glossy shine.  Oxxi gel polish is made for professionals.  We have the best price!  It is easy and comfortable to work with.  It doesn’t flow and perfectly covers the entire nail f..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OG0010013
Warm light-pink gel polish by OXXI creates a gorgeous coating of a glossy enamel. Such manicure makes you look younger and has a refreshing effect.  It is often chosen by lovers of glamorous style. The gel polish has an innovative safe formula, high pigment density, optimal consistency, self-le..
5.90 $
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