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Product code: Hoods-FormulaProfi-black

Hood (Black), Formula Profi PRO

Product code: Hoods-FormulaProfi-black
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Tabletop hood for manicure and pedicure Formula Profi PRO with HEPA filter (52 W)

Professional hood for manicure and pedicure Formula Profi PRO is an ideal solution for beauty salons where the health of the artist and clients is a priority. The hood not only provides effective dust suction and prevents harmful vapors from reaching mucous membranes, but also has a beautiful design and an energy-efficient motor.

Technical advantages of the hood

Thanks to a powerful motor with high performance, the hood ensures long-term silent operation, consuming less electricity.

The housing is made of impact-resistant plastic and can withstand exposure to aggressive solvents, ensuring a long service life.

The FORmula Profi PRO manicure and pedicure hood is equipped with a HEPA filter that reliably traps the smallest dust particles. The cleanliness of the workplace and the absence of unpleasant odors are guaranteed, even when using gel polishes and acrylic gels.

Technical characteristics of Formula PRO:

Power - 52 W;

Engine rotation speed - 2530 rpm;

Noise level - 63 dB;

Productivity - 430 m3/hour;

Dimensions: Width 26.5 cm; Length 24.5 cm; Height 11 cm;

Weight - 2.2 kg;

Warranty - 5 years.


Manicure hood.

HEPA filter.

Reusable mask.

Instructions for use.

Warranty card.

SES Certificate, Quality Certificate and Declaration of Conformity.

Color options:




Use and care of the Formula PRO hood:

Using and maintaining the Formula PRO hood is an important step in ensuring optimal performance of the manicure and pedicure hood. To ensure a long service life and efficient operation of the hood, it is necessary to follow the relevant operating instructions and carry out regular maintenance procedures.

Turn on the hood before your manicure or pedicure session.

At the end of the session, remove the filter and shake it out.

Disinfect the surface using a special product.

Replace the filter until the next session (the filter lasts for 1.5 months if you have 5-6 clients per day, following the above recommendations).

Formula Profi is your reliable partner for creating a healthy and comfortable environment in your beauty salon.


Hood (Black), Formula Profi PRO - favorable cost

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Hood (Black), Formula Profi PRO