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Kodi professional gel polish 12ml

Kodi professional gel polish 12ml

Kodi Professional's BLACK & WHITE series is a white and black classic in a wide range of shades. Perfect white, searing black, blue and white, black with effects, all shades of gray. This palette has everything to create stylish nail art and French. These colors are Must Have in every master's collection.
Black and White gel lacquers are presented in the most advantageous volume for professional and independent use. They are highly pigmented and consumed very economically. Such a bottle is enough for a long time.
The new balanced composition ensures comfortable use, easy and quick application of perfectly smooth, saturated coverage that lasts up to 4 weeks. During use, they do not dry out and do not bubble. An important plus is that after applying the Kodi topcoat, its brush stays perfectly clean.

The innovative Gel Polish from Kodi Professional is a professional, super-resistant rubber-based coating. It is easy to use, has increased wear resistance, is very comfortable, does not emit a sharp, unpleasant odor, and gives your manicure an impeccable look and excellent shine.

This high-quality tool combines the gel's elasticity and the varnish's durability. It guarantees a rich color, stays great, and looks fresh on your nails for up to three weeks, without damage. This gel polish performs two functions - creating an elegant manicure and strengthening your "native" nails. Thus, Gel Polish allows you to improve the shape of your nails significantly.

When applying gel polish Kodi "Basic collection", 12 ml. in one layer, you will get a delicate translucent shade and a more saturated color when used in two layers.

How to use: Perform a manicure. Move the cuticle, remove the pterygium from the nail plate, and remove the keratinized skin around the nail. Use a polishing buff to remove the gloss from the natural nail plate. To remove dust after sanding, degrease the surface, provide better adhesion to gel polish, and apply Ultrabond acid-free primer to the nail. Let it air dry for 15-20 seconds.

Application of Kodi gel polishes

On the prepared nail, apply one thin coat of Rubber Base Gel or Base/Top Gel 2-in-1 and cure in a lamp. Polymerization in a UV device - 3-4 minutes, in a LED lamp - 30-45 seconds. The sticky layer formed after polymerization do not remove! 

Apply the desired shade of Kodi Professional gel polish over the base coat. Depending on the desired depth and density of the color, you can apply 1 or 2 coats. Each layer must be fixed in the lamp. 

Exposure time: UV lamp - 2 minutes, LED lamp - 30-45 seconds. Lastly, a thin Rubber Top or Base/Top Gel is applied. As in the previous stages, the finishing layer is fixed in the lamp. Polymerization in a UV device - 3-4 minutes, in a LED lamp - 30-45 seconds. 

The final touch is removing the sticky layer, also known as the dispersion layer, with the help of a special Kodi Cleanser stickiness remover.

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