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Cleanser (Sticky Layer Remover)

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A multifunctional cleanser in an advantageous volume of 160 ml for home use. Used to remove the sticky layer from gel polish, topcoat after polymerization. Perfectly degreases the nail plate before coating. Contains an alcohol base, so it can also be used for light disinfection.
Professional cleanser in 250ml volume. Convenient format for craftsmen. Perfectly degreases the nail plate, is used to remove the sticky layer. Its composition, in addition to alcohol and water, includes caring components. We have the best price and prompt delivery.
Cleanser in 500 ml for salons and nail studios. Perfectly degreases the nail plate. Allows you to easily remove the sticky layer after hardening of gel-lacquer and top. Without a pungent smell. Its composition includes caring natural components. We have the best price offer for high quality cleanser in professional volume.

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