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Kodi natural rubber base

Kodi natural rubber base

Kodi natural rubber base

Thanks to gel polishes, girls can enjoy a long-lasting color layer for 2-3 weeks and not do a manicure every 3 days, wasting their precious time. But is just one gel polish enough to achieve such an effect?

Not really! We need a base and a top to achieve an ongoing result.

The base for gel polish is a tool that plays the role of a coating between the artificial coating and the nail plate. It is essential to operate the base when working with three-phase gel polishes.

It is primarily developed to provide a reliable sticking between the natural nail and the gel polish. Though besides this, the base performs several other essential functions:

  • defends the nail plate from color pigments;
  • aligns the nail plate, thereby hiding its defects and shortcomings;
  • strengthens the nail plate: thanks to the base, the owners of thin and brittle nails can wear artificial coating for 2-3 weeks;
  • you may create an additional extension of the nail plate, for example, corners.

Kodi Natural Rubber Base perfectly levels the surface of the nail plates, filling in bumps, waves, and other defects. The rubber base strengthens brittle and light nails and, due to its elasticity, eliminates the appearance of cracks, chips, and peeling during the long-term wearing of the layer.

A professional tool provides a high bond of gel polish with natural nails and saves them from coloring pigments. The Kodi natural rubber base is extremely uncomplicated because it does not flow onto the side rollers and can be used for 4 nails at once. It does not leave bald spots after drying and does not shrink at the tips of the nail plate. 

How to operate: Use a thin coating. Curing time: UV lamp 36W - 2 min; LED - 30 sec.

The Kodi natural rubber base information

the Kodi Professional brand appeared in 2005 and, in a short time, became famous in the USA, Europe, and the CIS countries.

Specialists develop the most effective and safe product formulas that guarantee excellent results. They aim to study clients' needs in the context of current trends. In addition, Kodi natural rubber base and other materials are harmless to humans in their composition and can be operated by those prone to allergic reactions.

The manufacturer has developed a wide range of materials and tools for the nail industry, which will let you implement any ideas in the salon and at home. Fans appreciated the matting top and thermal gel polish.

Kodi natural rubber base are cosmetic developments created in the middle-price category, but their impeccable quality provides a luxurious manicure and lets you create a durable nail coating. With this tool, you can hide the natural imperfections of the plate and adjust its shape. In addition to the decorative function, it creates a reliable, long-term coating, which, when applied correctly, is safe for nails.

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