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Product code: OA0010012

Acryl Gel OXXI No. 06 (cocoa) 60ml

Product code: OA0010012
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The new acryl-gel by OXXI of a deep cocoa color is better than other nail coatings in its characteristics. Firstly, it doesn’t flow and doesn’t follow the brush in the wrong way. Secondly, it covers the nail-plate with a tight and smooth layer. Thirdly, it can be easily removed by filing (burns at 150 and 180) with a small amount of nail-dust.  Excellent adhesion and natural appearance have made it very popular among professionals. You definitely should buy an ACRYL GEL OXXI №06, because you will  benefit from it. A big volume will provide an economical consumption, at the same time, it is cheaper than two small ones.

product type
Acrylic gel polish
60 ml.
Acryl Gel OXXI No. 06 (cocoa) 60ml