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Easy Duo Gel Sparkle Mood

Easy Duo Gel Soft "Cashmere Pink" 30 g. Kodi Professional
Out of stock
Brand: Kodi Model: KA0030001
If you are looking for the perfect material for French modeling, then you need to buy Kodi Soft acrylic gel in Cashmere Pink. The material has a soft, malleable texture and is ideal for French manicures. It creates strong and lightweight nails with the maximum effect of naturalness. Has high adhesiv..
21.00 $
Easy Duo Gel Soft "Clear" 30 g. Kodi Professional
Out of stock
Brand: Kodi Model: KA0030002
Kodi Soft New Generation Acrylic Gel in Clear is the perfect pro material for French modeling. It has a lightweight structure. The convenient soft consistency makes it easy and comfortable to work with. Excellent adhesive properties. Extra plasticity and durability. Has a sticky layer. Suitable for ..
21.00 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KA0030003
The acrylic gel Kodi in a delicate pink shade. The new formula has made it the best material for modeling French French nails. Soft, manageable consistency, excellent plasticity and adhesion, strength and lightness of structure. Suitable for strengthening nails. It is easy to work with it for master..
21.00 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KA0030004
Kodi's innovative acrylic gel in a natural white shade is a must buy for every craftsman. It is a perfect hybrid of acrylic and gel with a safe composition and excellent color density. Due to its soft consistency, it is very docile to work with. Allows you to perform French modeling easily, quickly ..
21.00 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KA0030005
Kodi Soft acrylic gel in a natural pink shade is a must-have for anyone who wants a flawless French modeling result. It has no time limit. Ideal for artists with any experience. Its consistency is soft, it is easy to work with. It has excellent plasticity and adhesion properties. Creates a strong an..
21.00 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KA0030006
Acrylic gel in the classic white color and new formula. It is used for French modeling. Characterized by a soft, very pliable texture and high color density. Provides excellent adhesion to the nail plate. It is plastic and durable. Creates nails with a light, flexible texture that look natural and f..
21.00 $
Polybase (for easy duo gel) 12 ml. Kodi Professional
Out of stock
Brand: Kodi Model: KA0010006
Kodi base coat for acrylic-gel system creates maximum adhesion between the nail plate and the acrylic-gel base. Nails remain in perfect condition for up to 3-4 weeks, without cracking, chipping or crumbling. The material is applied in one thin layer, rubbing. Do not miss the opportunity to buy Kodi ..
6.25 $
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