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(10 pieces)Camouflage rubber base PNB, 30 ml, light pink x 10
Out of stock
Model: 900010
The camouflage Pnb base coat in a light pink tint looks just fascinating.  In addition to improving the strength of your nails due to the special consistency, you will get  an original and very beautiful tint. With such tint you can create whatever you want.  The affordable price will..
120.00 $
(10 pieces)Camouflage rubber base PNB, 30 ml, natural beige x 10
Out of stock
Model: 900007
The rubber-based PNB camouflage base allows to coat nails very quickly and evenly due to its tightness. It will perfectly suit brittle and thin nails, because nails that were brittle before will become very durable and long-lasting now.  A pleasant beige color will always please the eye.  ..
120.00 $
(10 pieces)Camouflage rubber base PNB, 30 ml, nude x 10
Out of stock
Model: 900008
The camouflage rubber base coat PNB in a nude color has a number of very significant advantages.  The consistency of rubber gives to this base coat its density and is much easier to level.  Also, the undoubted advantage is the absence of a strong smell, which allows you to make a high-qual..
120.00 $
(10 pieces)Camouflage rubber base PNB, 30 ml, pink x 10
Out of stock
Model: 900009
The pink camouflage PNB rubber base has a number of great advantages.  Owners of brittle and thin nails will be delighted with this base coat, because the rubber makes the base thicker, therefore, it improves the hardness of the nails.  The pink color won’t leave you without attention. The..
120.00 $
(10 pieces)ExtraPro Base 17 ml. PNB x 10
Out of stock
Model: 900001
Base coat for pnb extra pro gel polish 17 ml  is perfect for creating stylish and bright manicure.  You can also add your own decorations and this action won’t affect the quality of the manicure in any way, because this base is very durable and reliable.  It is not afraid of moisture ..
81.00 $
(10 pieces)Fiber Base PNB with nylon fibers, transparent pink, 30 ml x 10
Out of stock
Model: 900006
The transparent pink Fiber Base PNB with nylon fibers contains vitamins that contribute to the strengthening and growth of healthy and strong nails. And, also, it opens up a large field of creativity for brittle nails.  The transparent pink color will provide your nails with delicate color and ..
120.00 $
(10 pieces)Fiber Base PNB, Milky White, 30 ml x 10
Out of stock
Model: 900004
Milky white Fiber Base PNB is able to provide nails with strength and flexibility owing to a special nylon fibers.  It is also important to note that this gel polish is able to hide all nail defects. The vitaminized consistency will give health.  The milky white color will provide your nai..
120.00 $
(10 pieces)Nylon Fiber Base PNB, milky pink, 30 ml x 10
Out of stock
Model: 900005
If your nails are brittle enough, then a milky pink Fiber Base PNB with nylon fiber has been developed special for you, which will allow you to do your manicure extra durable owing to the presence of special elements.  It also contains vitamins that provide nails with strength and growth. ..
120.00 $
Out of stock
Brand: Oxxi Model: 900014
OXXI Professional has presented an innovative gel polish with an adhesive base that will look great on a lady of any age.  The affordable price in our store can be offered due to our direct cooperation with suppliers.  This polish is a high-quality product, because the company conducts a c..
80.00 $
Out of stock
Model: 900012
The rubber base coat for gel polish OXXI PROFESSIONAL GRAND RUBBER BASE is an excellent tool for creating your own bright and unique manicure. Because the consistency of rubber exponentially increases elasticity, which is very suitable for brittle nails.  The thin spout of the bottle allows you..
120.00 $
(10 pieces)UV/LED ExtraPro Base PNB x 10
Out of stock
Model: 900003
Base coat for pnb extra pro gel polish 30 ml allows you to create your own stylish and bright manicure.  This base has excellent moisture protection, which allows you to create any masterpieces on your nails.  It is perfect for all types of colors and coatings, which is a huge advantage.&n..
120.00 $
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