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Rubber top F.O.X

Brand: F.O.X. Model: FT0010007
Top Holographic is a strong, extra elastic top dotted with tiny holographic particles that give the coating an insanely beautiful sparkle. In mini volume. Looks especially spectacular on a camouflage base. Without sticky layer! Does not smudge and smoothes itself. Creates ultra-resistant sparkling p..
4.90 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: FT0010013
This is an elastic matte top with no sticky layer.  Creates the velvety texture of a gel polish coating. It’s a perfect choice when you need to create an expensive manicure.  Protects the coating from chemical and physical damages.  The top doesn’t turn yellow or granulate. It allows ..
6.10 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: FT0010008
Matt Velour is that chic matte top in a mini volume of 7 ml. It creates the effect of a velour finish. With this top, any color will be advantageous and especially rich. Thick, malleable, self-leveling, creates ultra-durable and elastic protection. Dries perfectly. Everything that professional craft..
6.10 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: FT0010011
It is glossy finish without dispersion layer.  The top provides long-lasting extra shine!  Elastic structure and balanced consistency.  Creates good protection of gel polish from physical damages.  It keeps the color of the coating throughout the entire wear.  Also, it can b..
6.50 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: FT0010012
A transparent top without a sticky layer, dotted with the tiniest opalescent glitter. It looks great on a colored coat. It makes a dark gel manicure especially chic. Masters love to apply it to dark colors. It can be used on its own, without an undercoat. Shimmers beautifully! Buy 7ml to try it out,..
4.95 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: FT0010010
This is a rubber top with a sticky layer.  This top provides high gloss and extra durability of the gel polish. It is super-flexible, self-leveling, easily applied and doesn't spread messy. The top is crystal-clear, therefore, it is great for a french manicure.  Our direct supplier’s price..
6.10 $
F.O.X Top Strong, 14 ml
Out of stock
Brand: F.O.X. Model: FT0010009
Here is a super durable, flexible top coat.  The top requires removal of the sticky layer.  Perfect for artistic painting.  It is used for gel polishes, acrylic and gel systems.  The top has a high viscosity and increased strength.  It perfectly protects the colored coating ..
6.50 $
F.O.X. Matt Top Wealth
Out of stock
Brand: F.O.X. Model: FT0010004
Wealth matte top is available in a mini volume of 7 ml. It is an absolute gentle velvet on your nails. It does not distort the color of the gel polish, but enhances its saturation. It is elastic and super strong. With this top, your manicure lasts much longer. Order! It is non-sticky and self-leveli..
4.95 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: FT0010006
 The top doesn’t have a sticky layer, perfectly keeps the glossy shine and color of the gel polish. It is elastic, has a self-leveling quality and increased strength.  Provides strength and durability of the colored coating, doesn’t turn yellow during wear.  The balanced consistency a..
6.50 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: FT0010002
Reflective Flash top wins hearts! Available in mini volume. A stunning new product from F.O.X. that you can buy on our website at a uniquely low price. Incredible non-sticky finish. Shines on any substrate and without is simply hypnotic. Click to buy now, its glitter is already decorating the nail..
4.85 $
F.O.X. Тоp Flash Opal
Out of stock
Brand: F.O.X. Model: FT0010003
You've never had such a beautiful light-reflective topcoat with a mind-blowing opalescent glow. The most anticipated F.O.X. top is already on sale on our website and in a 7 ml mini bottle. The direct dealer price doesn't stop anyone from clicking to buy right now. Super malleable and exra strong. La..
4.85 $
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Tops by F.O.X are a guarantee of a beautiful long-lasting manicure for 3 weeks.  It is a durable and super elastic material that creates reliable protection for the gel polish coating from physical damages and chips.  Protects color from fading and has a long-lasting bright shine.


 The brand's line includes tops for any task:


 - Classic with a sticky layer and glossy shine.

 - Without sticky layer for gel polish, acrylic gel and gel system.

 - Matte with luxurious velour texture.

 - Without sticky layer with holographic particles.

 - With sticky layer on rubber base.

 - With shimmering opal particles.


 Choose the color and effects, our range includes a top coat for any task.  Direct deliveries allow our customers to get the best price offer for all F.O.X products.

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