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F.O.X 3D Rubber Base
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Brand: F.O.X. Model: FB0050004
It is an ultra flexible rubber base coat with 3D texture.  Provides extra durability for gel polish.  Allows you to shape the broken edges. This base coat strengthens thin nails.  It perfectly evens the surface of the nail-plate, ensuring correct shape.  Transparent, light pink t..
4.25 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: FB0050001
Here is a classic base coat with a new updated formula.  It is transparent and has a medium viscosity.  Suitable for all nails.  It fits perfectly, self-leveling, hides minor surface imperfections. The base coat creates a perfectly even surface for a colored coating.  Provides ex..
6.10 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: FB0050002
It is an innovative universal base coat for 3-phase gel systems and acrigel modeling.  It perfectly evens and strengthens the nail plate.  Creates a strong adhesion of the nail-surfaces and material. The base coat  gives strength to nails, prevents chips, separations and cracks while ..
6.50 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: FB0010001
Here is a highly pigmented camouflage base coat in a light milky tint.  This base coat is dense. It has a medium viscosity and high adhesive qualities.  Provides excellent elasticity, strength and durability of the coating.  It strengthens and levels the nail plate.  This is..
6.10 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: FB0010002
This is a natural pink camouflage base coat.  Dense, with a high degree of pigment and excellent adhesion.  It is a perfect choice for a flawless French manicure.  The base coat contains rubber, which makes nails strong and smooth, and makes the coating elastic and extra long-lasting...
6.10 $
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 Base coats by F.O.X are designed for long-lasting manicure.  They provide protection of the nail from coloring pigments, and help to strengthen thin, weakened nails.  Provides reliable adhesion of the nail surface with a colored coating.


 Base coats by F.O.X  offer a wide range of viscosity level and effects, allowing you to choose the perfect one for any goal.  Our catalog contains all the current base coats of the brand, as well as leading novelties.


 F.O.X range:


 - Transparent hard base coat to strengthen thin and soft nails.

 - Base coats of natural tints for French manicure.

 - Recovering the structure of the nail plate.

 - Camouflage with small flickering particles.

 - Dense, highly pigmented.

 - With a rubber formula.

 - With reinforcing fibers.

 - Universal for gel polish and modeling systems.


 Each F.O.X base coat is all about efficiency, easy application, creating a gorgeous glare, perfect adhesion and absolute safety for the nail plate.


 If you are looking for the best price for F.O.X base coats, you will find it in our store!

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