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Demo Tips

Model: 3659-NN-006
Demonstration and training tips on the ring are transparent. Designed for drawing designs, creating a color palette for a manicure master. It is convenient to learn how to create nail designs. 50 pieces of flexible, durable tips of a classic square shape are securely fixed on a round metal ring. ..
6.00 $
Model: 5513-NN-009
Demonstration tips of the classic oval shape. Made from high quality transparent plastic. Perfect for painting shades of gel polishes offered to customers, demonstrating ready-made nail art options. The material applied to them does not shrink. Ready-made painting on 20 tips will simplify the select..
1.20 $
Model: 5514-NN-010
Demonstration glossy long tips in perfect white. Fixed on a round base. They are used to demonstrate to customers the colors of gel polishes, ready-made design options. Made of durable plastic, will not crack or deform. They have a perfectly smooth surface, the cut of the free edge is neat. ..
1.20 $
Model: 5511-NN-007
Demonstration tips on a metal ring made of high-quality ABS plastic. The shape of the tips is a soft square. The fan design makes it possible to "try on" colors, shades of gel polishes, ready-made designs, applying the petals to the nails of clients. The petals are even, smooth, with a neat cut of t..
6.00 $
Model: 5512-NN-008
Fan white, square-shaped tips for training beginners, demonstrating competitive works, demonstrating to clients a palette of gel polishes, examples of design work. Made from high quality rubber plastic. Flexible, durable, with an impeccably flat and smooth surface. ..
6.00 $
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