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Model: 9100020
You will enjoy working with the 1.2mm diameter blunt-nosed flame diamond burr. It perfectly cleans the pterygium, perfectly polishes the inner wall of the cuticle. Fine soft tip works delicately in the inside pocket. The standard tip allows it to be used on all popular manicure devices. Disinfected ..
1.90 $
Model: 9100021
Diamond cutter with red cut and flame tip with a blunt nose. Suitable for thin and normal skin. Perfectly and safely lifts and removes cuticles, treats ridges and sinuses, cracks. The basis of the cutter is made of stainless alloy, dense diamond coating. Suitable for all popular models of routers. H..
1.90 $
Model: 9100022
Functional diamond cutter "flame" with a blunt nose and a fine coating. Buying such a cutter for manicure is the right decision. It solves many problems: it opens the rollers, processes the cuticle and lateral sinuses, and treats cracks well. Convenient for the extension procedure - removes the bord..
1.90 $
Model: 9100023
This is the most popular diamond tip for hardware manicure. It has a rounded nose, the diameter of the working part is 1.8 mm. Suitable for thin, normal and sensitive skin. It performs several functions: processing of rollers and cuticles, processing of corns and their removal. To process the cuticl..
1.90 $
Model: 9100024
This diamond flame burr with a rounded end and red cut is a must-have not only for professional craftsmen, but also for the beginner craftsman. It is used for cleaning the sinuses, processing the cuticle, for working in hard-to-reach places. The recommended speed of the device is 17-25 thousand revo..
1.90 $
Model: 9100025
Diamond cutter flame with a blunt nose, red notch 100% justifies its name "safe". Its main advantage The advantage is a thin soft tip that works safely in the inner pocket of the cuticle. Perfectly cleans the pterygium, polishes the inner wall of the cuticle. You can order a safe diamond cutter with..
1.90 $
Model: 9100026
The soft diamond burr in the form of a flame with a rounded end is used for cleaning pterygium, lifting and polishing the cuticle, opening the sinuses, working out the sinuses, processing the lateral ridges, calluses. Often used in modeling nails. In our online store, a diamond cutter is offered at ..
1.90 $
Cutter sharp flame (red) - 1.2mm
Out of stock
Model: 9100027
A diamond cutter with a sharp, fine-grained flame will significantly reduce the time of a hardware manicure. Its advantage is versatility. It cleans the pterygium from the nail plate without touching the skin, removes the film from the nail, treats the eponychea, treats the sinuses. Such a cutter sh..
1.90 $
Model: 9100028
Professional diamond cutter for hardware manicure and pedicure. The working part is a flame with a sharp nose and fine abrasiveness. Designed for delicate work with the skin in the area of the cuticle, periungual ridges, dry calluses, cracks. Perfectly cleans the lateral sinuses and ridges, cuticle ..
1.90 $
Model: 9100029
The red cut diamond flame cutter is an ideal hardware manicure tool for professionals and beginners. The algorithm for working with such a cutter is simple. The first treatment zone is the lateral sinuses and ridges. The second zone is the cuticle pocket and the sinus. Dense diamond coating guarante..
1.90 $
Model: 9100030
Manicure diamond cutter flame fine grain. It is used for high-quality processing of the cuticle, periungual ridges, for cleaning the nail platinum near the cuticle before the extension procedure, correction. The convenient shape of the elongated pointed flame allows you to get into hard-to-reach pla..
1.90 $
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