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Model: 9100039
Due to the blunt nose, the egg-shaped diamond cutter perfectly and safely pushes back and lifts the cuticle. Ideal tool when you don't need to make a deep cuticle pocket. The cutter is made of stainless steel, the working part is densely coated with fine-grained diamond grit. ..
1.90 $
Model: 9100040
If you want to quickly and easily perform a clean hardware manicure without cutting tools, then be sure to buy a diamond cutter egg (olive) with a diameter of 1.8 mm. Convenient for beginners. The diamond nozzle is suitable for all popular models of routers. High-quality production - a basis from an..
1.90 $
Model: 9100041
Diamond cutter egg with fine abrasiveness and optimal diameter for hardware manicure. This is a high-quality tool made using modern technologies. Qualitatively and safely processes the cuticle and side ridges. Suitable for processing and removing small calluses, cracks. ..
1.90 $
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