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Diamond cutters

Model: FR-shar-B-012
Diamond ball of medium hardness. It is used in hardware manicure and pedicure for processing and cutting the cuticle, grinding the rollers, eliminating roughness. Perfectly fulfills its main function - to make amends, to seal. The base of the cutter is made of stainless steel, the working ball is wi..
1.90 $
Model: FR-shar-B-014
A diamond ball cutter with a blue notch has a lot of advantages. The process of doing a manicure is faster, lifts and cuts the cuticle great, ideal for dry hands. She is a pleasure to work with. It is important that the position of the cutter is perpendicular to the cuticle. To open the pocket, rais..
1.90 $
Model: FR-shar-B-016
The most popular cuticle cutter in manicure. In a pedicure, the sinuses between the nail plate and the side roller are very convenient for cleaning. Cleans much cleaner than the rest, convenient for working in hard-to-reach places. Medium abrasive, suitable for dry and thick skin. The connector for ..
1.90 $
Model: FR-shar-B-018
Diamond cutter ball with a diameter of 1.8 mm. Dense dusting with medium grit diamond grit (blue notch). It is used by masters in hardware manicure and pedicure. It performs many functions: cleaning the sinus between the nail plate and the roller, processing and cutting the cuticle, processing in ha..
1.90 $
Model: FR-shar-B-021
The presented diamond milling cutter ball is a high-quality professional tool that will serve you for a long time. Convenient for experienced and novice craftsmen. A diamond ball of this diameter will quickly clean the sinuses, process and cut the cuticle perfectly. The cutter has an average rigidit..
1.90 $
Model: FR-shar-B-023
A diamond cutter with a ball of medium hardness and a working part diameter of 2.3 mm is able to remove the most capricious cuticle, clean, polish and seal everything. It is comfortable to work with even a novice master. If you want a perfectly clean manicure, be sure to buy this diamond cutter. Whe..
1.90 $
Model: FR-shar-B-025
A diamond cutter in the form of a ball with a blue notch is used for careful cutting of the cuticle, processing of rollers, cracks, dry calluses, shaping the free edge of the nail. Dense dusting with medium grit diamond grit. Compatible with any milling machine. Order at a bargain price with free sh..
1.90 $
Model: FR-shar-027
The perfect size for anyone who is uncomfortable working with a tiny ball. This model is included in the top cuticle cutters. Ideal for cutting all types of cuticles. A ball with high-quality diamond-coated medium abrasive - easily and quickly cuts off the raised cuticle and ideally grinds the cut. ..
1.90 $
Model: FR-shar-029
A diamond cutter of medium abrasiveness is used in hardware manicure and pedicure with dense, loose or dry skin of the hands. Perfectly removes the cuticle, polishes the cut and side rollers. A working ball with a dense coating of medium-grain diamond grit. Stainless steel rod. It can be disinfected..
1.90 $
Model: FR-shar-031
The best-selling cuticle cutter. Diamond ball with a diameter of 3.1 mm, medium hardness. It is used for processing cuticles of any type, grinding the cut and rollers, correcting the cuticle zone during the extension procedure, convenient for cutting out cracks in the skin and in acrylic. Suitable f..
1.90 $
Model: FR-shar-033
Diamond cutter (boron) with a ball diameter of 3.3 mm. For professional machines and devices. The working part is made of medium-grained diamond grit. It is used for processing and cutting cuticles in manicure and pedicure. Perfectly grinds cuts and all roughness. High-quality and durable - the peri..
1.90 $
Model: FR-shar-B-035
Look for a high-quality universal cutter ball of the optimal size, choose a diamond ball with a diameter of 3.5 mm. The blue notch is the working part coated with medium grit diamond grit. Such a cutter is ideal for any type of cuticle (dry, dense, normal). In a pedicure, such a cutter is indispensa..
1.90 $
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Diamond cutters have become the No. 1 tool for hardware manicure and pedicure. The cutter made of natural diamond chips does not heat up during the operation of the device, it works softly, does not lose its quality characteristics for 4-6 months. They allow you to delicately work with delicate skin, thin and brittle nails. Effective for hard nails and rough skin. Suitable for natural and artificial nails (acrylic, gel).
With a diamond cutter, you can process the edge with jewelry accuracy, lift and remove the cuticle, and polish the nail plate. In a hardware pedicure, they are indispensable for grinding dry calluses and corns, smoothing heel spurs. The operating mode for diamond cutters varies from 15 to 25 thousand revolutions per minute.
Our range includes sintered diamond cutters, which are the best choice for processing rough skin and artificial nails, as well as deposited diamond cutters, which are the best option for processing cuticles, side ridges, grinding and polishing the nail plate. All current shapes are available - bur, reverse and truncated cone, flame, cylinder, needle, etc. The grain size of the nozzles is from the smallest to the coarsest. supplies products directly from manufacturers. This allows us to offer customers high quality branded diamond cutters at really low retail and wholesale prices. We deliver worldwide!

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