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Ceramic cutters

Model: 9100001
The presented ceramic nozzle easily copes with the removal of gel and gel polish. Performs cleaning and polishing, does not damage the skin. Easy to use for both masters and comfortable for clients. Long-term in work and practically does not blunt. In our store you can buy a ceramic cutter at the lo..
5.90 $
Ceramic burr blue needle, medium abrasive
Out of stock
Model: 9100008
Ceramic hardware milling needle with a blue notch is used for sawing out detachments, sawing off a natural nail from the inside. Allows you to make accurate cuts in the nail plate. The teeth of the ceramic nozzle are perfectly sharpened and retain their sharpness for a long time. Safe, does not inju..
5.90 $
Model: 9100009
The roughest ceramic cutter that does an excellent job even with severely rough heel skin. Quickly removes even multilayer artificial turf. Well removes corns and superficial calluses. Such a nozzle should be in every set of hardware pedicure. It can be washed and disinfected. ..
5.90 $
Model: 9100007
Soft ceramic nail polish remover. In hardware pedicure, it is used to remove corns and dry superficial calluses. Its working part has a homogeneous structure, which ensures uniformity and smoothness when processing the skin. Fine notch works gently, does not injure the skin. ..
5.90 $
Model: 9100004
If you are looking for the perfect nail polish remover, then you should buy the premium corn blue ceramic nail drill. This is a popular router bit. Masters use it to remove gel, acrylic, gel polish, polygel. Made of heavy-duty ceramic, has self-sharpening properties. Order with free shipping. ..
5.90 $
Ceramic nozzle medium, green
Out of stock
Model: 9100003
The conical ceramic cutter "corn" allows you to get close to any part of the nail plate. Excellent and quickly removes gel and gel polish. Suitable for cutting the nail from the inside during the procedure of modeling and extension. It is used to remove dry calluses, polishing the nail roller. ..
5.90 $
Cutter ceramic ball 2.2mm
Out of stock
Model: 9100010
The ceramic ball for the milling cutter allows you to gently pass areas in the cuticle area and along the side ridges. Used in hardware manicure and pedicure. Does not injure the skin and does not heat up. Long service life, self-sharpening property. To be disinfected and sterilized. ..
5.90 $
Model: 9100012
Professional ceramic cutter for removing gel polish. The working part is in the form of an elongated cone. Small cross cut. Such a cutter removes the coating effectively and delicately, without damaging the surface of the nail plate. Allows you to remove gel polish from all nails in just 5 minutes. ..
5.90 $
Extra-soft ceramic nozzle, yellow
Out of stock
Model: 9100002
The softest ceramic cutter "corn". Does not heat up, gently removes material, suitable for cutting out detachments, correcting nails, removing small corns, corns. Tolerates any disinfectant. On our website for premium ceramic cutters, the price is the best on the market. Air delivery to any country...
5.90 $
Model: 9100005
Cutter ceramic cylinder rounded with a cross cut of medium abrasiveness. Cutter on a short leg. Great for removing artificial materials, removing rough skin, treating calluses, cracks. Saves time when removing gel polishes. It has a high degree of sharpness, while not injuring the skin and nail plat..
5.90 $
Model: 9100006
Soft ceramic cutter cylinder straight - an effective tool for hardware manicure and pedicure. The diameter of the working part is 6.0 mm, fine abrasiveness. Allows you to quickly and gently remove gel, gel polish, acrylic, clean corns, cracks. The ceramic cutter is disinfected and sterilized. This i..
5.90 $
Model: 9100011
Such a ceramic cutter can do almost everything. Gently removes gel polish without pre-soaking. Used to remove gloss before building. It performs polishing under the extended nail, evens out uneven nails during a hardware pedicure, and carefully and efficiently polishes the skin between the toes. ..
5.90 $
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Ceramic cutters belong to the premium segment of tools for hardware manicure and pedicure. They have an incredibly wide range of possibilities, they perform all operations with skin, natural nails, and artificial turf. Hardware ceramic cutters are made from a ceramic abrasive composition baked on an adhesive. Such a tool is not subject to corrosion, it lasts 4 times longer than analogues made of hard alloys. Due to slow wear, ceramic cutters need to be purchased less frequently.
What can hardware ceramic cutters do
✔ Safe, fast and high quality work with cuticles.
✔ Give the nail rollers the desired shape and smoothness.
✔ Treat calluses, cracks, hyperkeratosis, remove coarsened dead tissue.
✔ Work with artificial soft materials - remove the entire layer, perform correction, remove detachments.
✔ Carefully remove the artificial coating, without damaging the natural nail plate.
✔ Micro-polishing, processing of coatings, the inside of artificial nails, thin edges of natural nails and many other operations.
Ceramic milling cutters mean multifunctionality, speed and accuracy, safety and comfort for the client. On the website of our store you can buy ceramic cutters of any shape, size, abrasiveness. The lowest direct supplier prices. Air delivery worldwide!

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