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Carbide cutter

Model: 7010031
Carbide tip with cross cut. Not reversible, rigid. It is used in hardware manicure / pedicure to remove dense artificial material, remove part of the nail plate, and treat hyperkeratosis of the feet. Durable, does not rust when processed with compounds, does not lose its sharpness in dry heat. ..
6.40 $
Model: 7010035
Super coarse TVS milling cutter for removing any thickness of the coating, processing strong cornifications and calluses. The cutter has the shape of a rounded cylinder, with an increased cross-shaped notch. The diameter of the working part is 6.5 mm. It is made of metal of the increased hardness, d..
7.50 $
Buffing head HL709fK Nisima
Out of stock
Model: 7010023
Carbide cutter rounded cylinder (drum). The working part with a diameter of 6.5 mm with a thick cross-shaped cut of the medium abrasive. It is used for correction of extended nails, removal of dense material, cutting out detachments. In the pedicure procedure, it perfectly removes rough skin, treats..
7.50 $
Buffing head HT702mK Nisima (blue)
Out of stock
Model: 7010032
To buy a carbide cutter HT702mK Nisima is recommended by masters of hardware manicure and pedicure. It has the shape of an increased diameter of a rounded drum and a cross-shaped notch of medium hardness. An excellent tool for quickly removing gel polish and a thin layer of gel, correcting the lengt..
10.00 $
Buffing head R117cK Nisima (green)
Out of stock
Model: 7010029
Carbide milling cutter in the form of a large truncated cone. Made of metal of increased hardness, the working part with a cross-shaped notch is reversible (the possibility of rotation in two directions). Convenient for left-handers. Rigidity is rough. The diameter of the working part is 6.5 mm, the..
10.00 $
Model: 7010015
Buying a carbide cutter with a reversible cross cut is recommended for craftsmen who work with a large flow of customers and left-handed craftsmen. Quickly removes artificial coating of any density, it is convenient when you need to remove part of the nail plate. In a pedicure, it is indispensable f..
10.00 $
Model: 7010028
Reversible TVS cutter with a cross-shaped notch and an increased diameter of the working part. Convenient for right-handers and left-handers. Due to the reverse movement provides a unique speed of work. Great for working with artificial nails: correction, change in length. In a pedicure, it is indis..
7.50 $
Carbide burr with red notch (Corn)
Out of stock
Model: 7010019
Carbide cone cutter with fine cross cut. The ideal tool when you need to work softly. Used for manicure and pedicure procedures. It is used to remove thin layers, correct extended nails. Works great on keratotic nails. ..
6.90 $
Model: 7010027
Such a cutter is simply ideal for removing gel polish, a thin coating. Perfectly removes the coating in a pedicure. If you work with her at low speeds, then she replaces the buff. It has the shape of an elongated narrow cone with a rounded nose. The notch is dense, cruciform, and fine. Pedicure mast..
6.90 $
Carbide cutter (Cone blue notch)
Out of stock
Model: 7010022
It is recommended to buy such a carbide cutter for high-quality work in hardware manicure and pedicure. The working part is in the form of a cone with smooth sides, a cross-shaped notch of medium abrasiveness. Quickly removes artificial coating of any density, it is convenient when you need to remov..
6.90 $
Model: 7010004
Carbide narrow cone with an increased number of cross cuts. Due to this design of the cutting edges, such a cutter guarantees easy and fast removal of material with minimal pressure on the surface. Super effective for correcting gel and acrylic nails. Works great for cutting out patches. ..
6.90 $
Model: 7010003
Carbide cone cutter with cross cut fine abrasive. Ideal tool for beginners. It is used in milling cutters for manicure and pedicure procedures. With such a cutter, you can carry out all the manipulations for the correction of extended nails. Great for treating keratotic toenails. ..
5.00 $
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Carbide cutters (TVS) for hardware manicure and pedicure have earned the love of masters because they are cutting. They do not saw through and do not dust, but they remove the material like shavings. They are characterized by increased wear resistance, refractory, they can work on materials at high speeds. TVS cutters do not rust, do not lose their sharpness.
Carbide cutters are made from different steels. Cutters made of carbide and tungsten base are designed to eliminate calluses, corns, shaping extended nails. Alloy steel tips work great on the skin. The main difference between carbide cutters is the notch pattern. The cruciform notch is ideal for cleansing dead skin cells. Oblique and straight - to create the shape of the nails. Smooth cutters - for jewelry processing of the nail.
Our catalog contains a complete range of carbide cutters: all current shapes, sizes, long base and short stem. This is a quality, certified tool from the best manufacturers. Low prices direct dealer and prompt delivery worldwide!

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