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Buffing heads for nail drill machine

Model: 5321-KR-001
The corundum ball attachment is the ideal choice for gentle cuticle treatment. Works well for adjusting the length of a natural nail. It is especially recommended to buy such a cutter for working with a hydrous cuticle. This is the best cutter for beginners. Ball diameter 4.5 mm, fine abrasiveness. ..
1.35 $
Model: 5323-KR-002
Medium abrasive corundum cutter ball for working with the cuticle and the length of natural nails. Polishes cuticles of any type quickly and with perfect results. Due to the spherical shape, this nozzle is perfect for treating corns on the fingers. Wear-resistant, does not deform, does not break. Am..
1.35 $
Model: 5324-KR-003
Corundum cutter in the form of a truncated cone of fine abrasiveness. Removes pterygium, gently and flawlessly polishes side ridges, cuticles, and nail surfaces. Such a cutter is definitely worth buying for a novice master. It is the safest, while effective in manicure and pedicure. ..
1.35 $
Model: 5325-KR-004
Nozzle for a milling cutter corundum with a shape of a truncated cone. The working part has an average degree of abrasiveness. It is used in hardware manicure and pedicure for delicate grinding of the nail plate, preparation of natural nails for building artificial ones. Also, this cutter is just pe..
1.35 $
Buffing head C107pK Nisima
Out of stock
Model: 5326-KR-005
Corundum mill fine abrasive inverted cone. An ideal choice when delicate polishing of the nail plate, cuticle, periungual skin is required. Very easy to use, safe and comfortable for customers. Delicate yet strong and durable. Serves for a long time. ..
1.35 $
Model: 5327-KR-006
A corundum nozzle with a blunt cone of medium hardness is used to clean the pterygium from the natural nail plate, well removes delaminations from the free edge. Can be used to quickly remove nail polish residue, as well as a buff to remove gloss before applying gel polish. ..
1.35 $
Model: 5328-KR-007
Corundum rounded cone of fine abrasiveness perfectly cleans the pterygium from under the cuticle and lateral sinuses, removes the layer from the free edge. This nozzle is especially recommended for delicate processing. Masters use it in hardware manicure / pedicure for clients with sensitive skin. ..
1.35 $
Model: 5329-KR-008
The safest cutter cone for hardware manicure and pedicure. It has a rounded nose and medium abrasiveness. Performs a wide range of works: cleans pterygium, polishes the nail plate, removes delaminations, cleans off the remnants of the coating. Ideal for working with hydrous cuticles. Order at a low ..
1.35 $
Model: 5330-KR-009
Corundum milling cutter with a fine abrasive cylinder works especially softly. Raises and cleans the cuticle, polishes the cut, gently treats the periungual ridges, polishes imperfections on the skin and the plate. Can be used on all skin types, especially suitable for thin, sensitive skin, thin nai..
1.35 $
Model: 5331-KR-010
Corundum cylinder with a working part diameter of 3 mm. It has an average degree of rigidity, suitable for all types of skin and nails. Used to treat and remove cuticles and periungual skin. Gently polishes the natural nail plate. It is irreplaceable in a hardware pedicure when delicate processing i..
1.35 $
Model: 5332-KR-011
Corundum cutter rounded cylinder with fine abrasiveness. Works very gently, suitable for sensitive skin. The diameter and length of the working part allow you to quickly process the cuticle and lateral ridges, surfaces of the fingertips, cracks. Performs delicate polishing of the nail plate. ..
1.35 $
Model: 5333-KR-012
Rounded cone of medium hardness for treatment of periungual skin, polishing of the nail plate, treatment of cracks, preparation of nails for extension procedure. Such a cutter is worth buying for a novice master. It is safe, works gently and is very effective in hardware manicure and pedicure. ..
1.35 $
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Staleks manicure cutters stand for impeccable quality and functionality. Leading masters of the beauty industry say that they are created in the name of perfect nails! Demonstrate high reliability and efficiency. Allow to work with jeweller's precision. Excellent, fast and safe at removing cuticles, uncovering and removing coarsened skin of lateral ridges, cracks and blisters. These manicure cutters to buy every master!
The assortment of the brand's cutters the most current shapes, sizes and abrasiveness. Ball, needle, cylinder and even "flame" - everything that nail-masters want.
Staleks is the best innovations for professional manicure. The company is very responsible to the issue of tool quality. The system of input and output control in certified laboratories allows the company to market cutters and other tools Staleks PRO, which are 100% consistent with high quality standards. Cutters are made of Spanish high-strength stainless alloy and high-grade diamond grit.
Key advantages of STALEKS PRO cutters:
- Original design and trending notch shades.
- Perfect radial runout.
- Perfect diamond quality.
- No center misalignment at highest speeds.
- Color-coded grits: light green for hard coarse abrasion, blue for medium hardness, red for soft burrs.
- Cutters are subject to all types of sterilization and disinfection.
Online store offers salons and craftsmen the opportunity to always work with the best tools. Our catalog presents manicure cutters Staleks PRO at the best prices direct dealer. Promptly send orders of any volume to any country!

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