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Nikk Mole Eyebrow Fixer and Pencils

Model: fix-orange-NM
Nikk Mole brow fixer with orange scent and brush included. Jar 15 gr. Suitable for any type of eyebrows, just saves with naughty, thick hairs. The transparent texture fixes the hairs without gluing and stickiness. Moisture resistant formula - your brows stay perfect 24 hours in any weather. Easy to ..
7.90 $
Model: mulo-Almond-NM
Soap fixative Nikk Mole for styling eyebrows. A real must-have for eyebrow artists and owners of naughty eyebrows. Moisture resistant, suitable for any type of eyebrows. Allows you to quickly create a long-lasting styling with the effect of natural or fluffy eyebrows. Provides reliable fixation of h..
4.95 $
Eyebrow fixer Nikk Mole (Coconut)
Out of stock
Model: mulo-coconut-NM
Natural or fluffy brows, any effect you want with one product - Nikk Mole Coconut Oil Brow Fixative Soap. A real find for naughty, thick eyebrows. It is based on a moisture-resistant formula and a natural fortified composition with oils. Styling and care in one stylish jar. Perfectly fixes the hairs..
4.95 $
Eyebrow Fixer Nikk Mole (Vanilla)
Out of stock
Model: mulo-Vanilla-NM
Moisture-resistant brow fixer with natural oils and vanilla aroma. Suitable for all types of eyebrows. Allows you to quickly bring even the most naughty eyebrows to perfection. Creates long-lasting styling that lasts all day. The fixative contains natural oils that provide high-quality hair care. Su..
4.95 $
Model: Brown-karandach-NM
Gray Brown professional wax crayon in a classic brown shade. Has a highly pigmented formula. Waterproof! Perfectly merges with natural eyebrows, gives good color rendering after a single application. Double-ended with a comfortable blending brush for a natural-looking fill-in effect. The eyebrow pen..
3.90 $
Model: Dark-Brown-karandach-NM
Wax eyebrow pencil with waterproof formula. Dark brown shade. Highly pigmented, rich brown in a single application. An ideal tool for creating a line of eyebrows. The waxy consistency allows the stylus to glide easily over the skin and accurately mark the desired contour. Double-sided pencil with a ..
3.90 $
Model: Medium-Brown-karandach-NM
Professional wax pencil with waterproof formula. Medium brown shade. A stylus with a dense texture. Suitable for blondes and brunettes. It has a convenient brush for blending color and styling hairs. Highly pigmented, rich shade in one swipe. Allows you to get a fill effect with a natural finish. Co..
3.90 $
Nikk Mole Brow Soap (Coconut)
Out of stock
Model: fix-Coconut-NM
Moisture resistant brow fixer with coconut oil. Hairstyling and care in one jar! Volume 15 gr, very economically consumed. Styling brush is included. Suitable for any type of eyebrows, just saves the owners of unruly eyebrows. Creates long-lasting styling that lasts all day. Suitable for eyebrow mas..
7.90 $
Nikk Mole Brow Soap (Strawberry)
Out of stock
Model: fix-pol-NM
A professional brow fixer with a delicious strawberry scent. Jar 15 gr., Styling brush is included. It is based on a moisture-resistant formula and a natural composition with oils. This is a novelty 2 in 1 - styling and care. Perfectly fixes the hairs without gluing them. Gives visual volume to hair..
7.90 $
Model: Concealer-Nikk-Mole
A light, nude double-ended concealer pencil. Waterproof formula! With blending brush. Supplied in a gold case. Designed to mask the imperfections of the area around the eyebrows, light highlighting in the area under the eyebrow. It has a dense texture, perfectly masks redness. Allows you to correct ..
4.25 $
Model: Pencil-BROW-PASTE
Brow Paste professional marking pencil in bright white. Double sided with tassel. In a stylish gold case. It is intended for creation of a marking contour of forms of eyebrows before their painting. Ideal quality for a professional browist. The lead of optimal softness allows you to quickly apply a ..
4.25 $
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