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Сosmetics for hands

Model: 5798-krem-30-01
Light nourishing cream, which contains valuable active ingredients, effectively cares for the skin of the hands. Avocado oil prevents skin aging, relieves inflammation. ..
6.50 $
Model: 5800-krem-30-02
A revitalizing hand cream with passionfruit and urea flower oils, saturates and nourishes dry, rough and chapped skin. Salts from the Dead Sea ..
8.90 $
Model: 5799-krem-30-02
Hand cream performs a quick regenerative function, after which the skin of the hands becomes soft and velvety. Vitamin C promotes the restoration of tissue cells, has an antioxidant property. ..
6.50 $
Model: baehr-oil-11ml-01
The oil is designed to protect against fungal infection. It has a restorative effect after the treatment of onychomycosis. Very effective and easy to use in manicure. ..
15.00 $
Model: 5813-nog-03-n
The combination of vitamins in the product contributes to the rapid restoration of the nail plate. The oil strengthens and regenerates brittle and cracked nails, protects against cuticle cracking and gives it a well-groomed appearance. Vitamins have an intensive nourishing effect, due to which th..
9.00 $
Model: Baehr-oil-7ml-01
Oil for nails and skin containing essential oils is a unique product that provides effective care for normal and damaged nails. ..
15.00 $
Model: pen-kutikul-01
Special formula for the care of dry, thin and brittle nails - Baehr ..
10.50 $
Model: 5797-kutikul-oil-01
The pencil applicator is based on nourishing natural oils that help soften the cuticle. Due to this, the sensitive cuticle is easily pushed back and removed. ..
10.50 $
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