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Fiber Base PNB

Base with nylon fibers Fiber Base PNB, Floral Nude 8 ml
Out of stock
Brand: PNB Model: 220012
Reinforcing base PNB in the most delicate camouflage floral nude shade. Contains nylon microfibers, which create a flexible, yet powerful protective frame on the surface of the nail plate. This is the best defense against breakage. As part of the base, vitamin E and calcium have a strengthening effe..
5.80 $
Brand: PNB Model: 220013
Reinforcing rubber base in cool pink. Creates a durable flexible framework of nylon microfibers on the surface of the nail. Such a base is a real salvation for thin, brittle nails. It contains vitamin E and calcium - while you are wearing a manicure, your nails are strengthened and healed. ..
5.80 $
Brand: PNB Model: fiber-clear-pink-17ml
Reinforcing transparent pink base in a professional bottle and a volume of 30 ml. Nylon microfibers create a flexible and powerful frame on the surface of the nail plate. This is the best defense against breakage. The base contains vitamin E and calcium to strengthen nails. The base is thick, self-l..
8.95 $
Brand: PNB Model: 220023
The popular PNB reinforcing base in a transparent pink shade and the optimal volume of 8 ml. Order at a bargain price! It is ideal for long-term manicure wear. Contains vitamin E and nylon microfibers, which create a protective frame and make nails strong, wear-resistant gel polish. ..
5.90 $
Brand: PNB Model: 220017
Milky pink base coat with reinforcing property and vitamin E. Creates a flexible structure, extra strong coating for gel polishes. Dense, elastic, has the effect of self-levelling. Significantly increases the wear of gel polish even on thin, highly flexible and brittle nails. You can buy a base with..
8.95 $
Brand: PNB Model: 220020
Innovative reinforcing base in milky pink and 8 ml. In one layer creates a very durable coating for gel polishes. Elastic, the coating remains flexible and does not crack. Has a self leveling effect. At times increases the wear of the gel polish coating. Buying a Fiber PNB base is especially recomme..
5.90 $
Brand: PNB Model: 220014
A unique reinforcing base with a number of advantageous features. The perfect white-milky shade with shine - creates the effect of porcelain nails. Contains nylon fibers that act as reinforcing elements and create a powerful shield for a durable, long-lasting manicure. The base contains vitamin E. ..
12.50 $
Brand: PNB Model: 220022
Everyone should buy such a transparent pink base for nails. Economy volume 4 ml. It will make the nails perfectly even, strong, and the gel polish coating will be wear-resistant. It fits well on the nail and evens itself out. It dries quickly and without problems in any lamps. Contains nylon microfi..
3.75 $
Brand: PNB Model: 220018
Reinforcing base for nails milky pink in an increased volume of 30 ml and a bottle convenient for masters. Increases the thickness of thin nails, creates a super strong protection for long-lasting gel polish. The base has an excellent grip property. It is easy to work with her, she levels herself. I..
12.50 $
Brand: PNB Model: 220019
Base for nails with nylon reinforcing fibers in the most popular milky pink shade and a mini volume of 4 ml. Creates a strong flexible frame on the surface of the nail. Increases the thickness of a thin plate, aligns it well. It is easy to work with, dries quickly and without problems in any lamps. ..
3.70 $
Brand: PNB Model: 220011
White-milk base with nylon fibers - the effect of porcelain nails and the long wear of gel polish even on problem nails. It creates a strong and at the same time flexible frame on the surface of the nail due to reinforcing microfibers. This is a must-have base for brittle, thin, flaking nails. ..
8.95 $
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