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Henna for eyebrows

Henna EKKOBEAUTY for eyebrows BROWN 7ml
Out of stock
Model: hna-browm-NM
Resistant henna for eyebrows of a natural brown shade in a volume of 7 ml. Universal color, suitable for girls of any color type. Creates the effect of natural expressive eyebrows. The saturation of the color depends on how thickly the BROWN henna is diluted. It contains natural Moroccan henna lawso..
7.50 $
100% natural henna for permanent eyebrow coloring. A multi-faceted warm chocolate brown with a hint of chestnut and noble carmine. Professional, composed of Moroccan lavsonia. The perfect tone for the eyebrows of brown-haired women and girls with dark blond hair. Henna Chocolate changes its tone dep..
7.50 $
Henna EKKOBEAUTY for eyebrows DARK BROWN 7ml
Out of stock
Model: hna-DARK-BROWN-NM
Resistant natural Moroccan henna of a dark brown shade. Recommended for coloring the eyebrows of dark-eyed, swarthy and dark-haired girls. Not only perfectly colors the hairs and skin, but also cares for the eyebrows, stimulates the growth of new hairs. Depending on the dilution density and aging ti..
7.50 $
Model: hna-FOXY-NM
Ideal henna for dyeing the eyebrows of fiery red beauties. When mixed with other shades, it allows you to get a variety of warm undertones. The result of dyeing eyebrows with EKKOBEAUTY henna is a beautifully defined shape and rich natural shade with durability up to 8 weeks! Contains natural Morocc..
7.50 $
Model: hna-Golden-Brown-NM
Natural henna for eyebrows in the most beautiful warm golden brown shade. Ideal for swarthy, tanned girls, as well as admirers of maximum natural eyebrows. Hypoallergenic, eliminates burns. It contains Moroccan lavsonia powder-ground. Guarantees permanent coloring - up to 8 weeks on hairs, up to 14 ..
7.50 $
Model: hna-Graphite-NM
Professional henna for eyebrows in a universal light gray shade. Recommended for dyeing eyebrows for girls with light brown hair. Natural Moroccan henna. Does not cause allergies and eliminates the risk of burns. You can get any desired shade - from ashy to pronounced graphite. It all depends on the..
7.50 $
Model: hna-Light-Brown-NM
Natural henna in a delicate warm brown shade. Suitable for girls of any color type. Creates a special expressiveness of the eyebrows. It contains natural Moroccan henna (Lavsonia). Does not cause allergies and burns. Provides nutrition and silkiness to hairs. Stimulates the growth of new ones along ..
7.50 $
Model: hna-Dark-Brown-NM-5g
Professional natural henna for eyebrows in dark brown color. The richest brown in the Nikk Mole range. Ideal for dark-eyed and swarthy girls. Permanent coloring and care in one bottle. The rich color stays on the hairs for up to 8 weeks! The shade depends on the density of mixing henna and the expos..
5.90 $
Model: hna-Golden-Brown-NM-5g
Natural henna for eyebrows in the most popular golden brown color. A chic warm shade that is perfect for swarthy, tanned girls. Great for hair and skin. Cares for eyebrows, stimulates the growth of new hairs. Depending on the density of dilution and the aging time, it gives a beautiful palette of sh..
5.90 $
Model: Mineral-solution-30ml
The EKKOBEAUTY solution is designed specifically for mixing henna with an ideal, uniform consistency. Contains an optimal complex of minerals, due to which a softer working composition of henna for painting eyebrows is created. Allows you to increase the durability of the color. Does not contain tox..
3.50 $
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