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Gel paste OXXI Professional

Gel Paste Black
Out of stock
Brand: Oxxi Model: 4400004
Hot black gel paste without a sticky layer.  It has a thick consistency, highly pigmented and incredibly flexible.  Great for creating volumetric designs and sculpting.  It doesn’t run when applied, perfectly holds its shape until curing, allows you to draw the smallest details and to..
4.90 $
Gel Paste Gold
Out of stock
Brand: Oxxi Model: 4400002
The gel paste in a rich golden color will allow you to create accentual details of a volumetric design.  It is great for Chinese painting, openwork, thin lines, engraving and inlays.  Even beginners feel comfortable working with it.  The gel paste allows you to correct the drawing.The..
4.90 $
Gel Paste Silver
Out of stock
Brand: Oxxi Model: 4400003
Silver gel paste is a perfect material for creating delicate volumetric paintings, patterns, sculpting and painting.  Goes well with gel polish.  It has a thick consistency, excellent plasticity, and is easily applied to the surface of the nail with a brush. It doesn’t run when applied, al..
4.90 $
Gel Paste White
Out of stock
Brand: Oxxi Model: 4400001
The bright white color of OXXI gel paste is the most relevant material for every nail-master.  It was made on the basis of a new durable formula.  The gel paste is used for modeling, creating volumetric and relief design, artistic painting, and overall allows to create  decoration of ..
4.90 $
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