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Brushes for modeling and nail design

Brand: PNB Model: 5052-kisti-01
Quality professional round brush for long fine lines and dots. Made of nylon, the pile is elastic, medium softness (imitation of core pile). Pile length 10 mm. Obedient in work, the working surface of the correct round shape. It is convenient for her to apply weaves, abstract lines, painting in orie..
3.50 $
Brand: PNB Model: 5059-kisti-08
Professional hair brush PNB. An ultra-thin brush that makes drawing of any complexity possible. Just the perfect tool for artistic painting. It is easy for her to draw design elements on the nails of jewelry subtlety. On our site, PNB brushes are available at the best dealer price. ..
3.50 $
Brand: PNB Model: 5064-kisti-13
Artificial flat brush PNB with separate elastic bristles. This brush is ideal for creating smooth, very soft gradient design transitions. Works well with gel polishes and gel paints. Wear resistant, long lasting. On our site, PNB brushes are available at the lowest prices. ..
3.80 $
Brand: PNB Model: 5065-kisti-14
This oval brush "tongue" should be bought by every master. The pile is artificial, imitating kolinsky hair. This is the best brush for gel extensions. It is easy for her to apply the material close to the cuticle. It is also very convenient for laying out a jacket. It should be in the master's arsen..
3.50 $
Brand: PNB Model: 5066-kisti-15
Artificial brush "hair" is short, with a rounded tip. A great tool for applying graphic design on nails, for drawing a variety of curls, thin lines. It is comfortable to hold in your hand, does not slip, very light. The pile is soft and elastic, securely fixed to the base. ..
3.50 $
8D. Design brush round 6-to-11mm PNB, speakers
Out of stock
Brand: PNB Model: 5067-kisti-16
Natural round brush PNB with a bristle length of 11 mm. This is a universal tool that allows you to apply drawings of any style on your nails, from the thinnest contours to complex full-color ones. Serves for a very long time, subject to proper cleaning, drying and storage. On our website, PNB brush..
5.10 $
9D. Design brush oval 1-s PNB, nylon
Out of stock
Brand: PNB Model: 5068-kisti-17
Flat shaped brush for artistic design. Artificial, with an elastic pile with an oval tip. It is ideal for drawing petals, simple and complex large elements. High quality and durable, will last a long time. Such a PNB brush is very obedient in work, as if it draws itself. ..
3.50 $
Brand: PNB Model: 5070-kisti-19
A multifunctional tool that a manicure master cannot do without. Allows you to comfortably work with gels and quickly perform nail modeling. The required amount of material is collected with a spatula. With an artificial brush with a rounded cut, it is convenient to evenly distribute the gel. ..
5.50 $
Brand: PNB Model: 5071-kisti-20
Two thin artificial brushes PNB with a pile length of 10 and 7 mm. A great set for creating thin, openwork designs on nails. They are the most convenient for drawing thin contour lines, complex lace patterns, monograms and graphic designs. It's cheaper to buy as a set. Our price makes professional b..
6.00 $
Brand: PNB Model: 5072-kisti-21
The set includes 4 of the most popular brushes for modeling and design. Two round thin ones with a pile length of 7 mm and 10 mm. A popular gradient brush with a bristle length of 10 mm. And a square brush with a bristle of 8.5 mm for color toning, jacket, for working with gels and polygels. ..
11.00 $
Brand: PNB Model: 5069-kisti-18
Professional 2-sided dots with a wide range of uses. The diameter of its working part is 1 mm. You can’t do without it when performing a manicure with inlay, when creating a geometric, combined design. It is very convenient for laying out decor: large sequins, rhinestones, pearls, broths. ..
5.00 $
Gel Brush flat 6-s, nylon
Out of stock
Brand: PNB Model: 5058-kisti-07
This brush is specially designed to work with gel, to model nails. It makes it easy to create the desired shapes and curves. Synthetic pile is elastic, ideal square shape. With such a tool, the nail extension procedure will be comfortable, the result is ideal even for beginners. ..
3.50 $
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