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Komilfo design

Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0030001
A mix of silver, orange and blue glitter in a handy jar. Weight 1.5 grams. These are chameleon sequins with stained glass effect. This nail decor changes its shade, plays beautifully with color tints, beating off the rays of the sun. They look amazing on any substrate. Require top coat without UV fi..
1.25 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0030002
Hit from Komilfo - chameleon sequins of different sizes in gold, green and blue. They make manicures stellar! Shimmer, shimmer, change color. They are applied to any substrate, lay down evenly, do not create roughness. It is recommended to cover with a top coat without UV filters. You should buy Com..
1.25 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0030003
A stunning mix of chameleon sequins for a sparkling night sky effect. In a miniature jar, high-quality polished sequins of different sizes of deep purple and silver. They are easy to apply with a brush. They look amazing on any substrate. They wear great. Order, we have a low price and free shipping..
1.25 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0030004
The most delicate and spectacular combination of sparkles - pink, turquoise, blue. Sequins for nails chameleon with the effect of stained glass. Even one stripe, a stretch of such sequins will make your nails accent. They change their shade and “beat off” the rays of the sun, creating incomparable b..
1.25 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0030005
If you want a sparkling spring on your nails, then buy Comme il faut chameleon glitter in a mix of pink, gold, green. They look amazing and come in different colors. You can use light and dark backgrounds. It is convenient and easy to work with them even at home. Covered with a top without UV filter..
1.25 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0030006
Different sizes of sequins chameleon rich blue color. Sprinkling, stretching, blending with the top, they can be applied in different ways. Looks great on any substrate. They play on the fingers sparkling and changing their shade. Create a stained glass effect. Easy to apply with a brush. The final ..
1.25 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0030007
A stunning mix of sizes and colors - green, pink, gold chameleon glitter for nail art. On the nails they play with different overflows of shades, as if they beat off the sun's rays. They look spectacular on both dark and light substrates. For these sequins, it is recommended to buy a top without UV ..
1.25 $
Komilfo Color Art Sticker #002
Out of stock
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0110002
Volumetric, super flexible stickers for nail art. Transfer sliders with original prints in delicate shades. They will allow you to quickly and beautifully decorate your nails even on your own. Select a pattern and remove the sticker with tweezers, attach the sticky side to the dried gel polish. Pres..
1.90 $
Komilfo Color Art Sticker #003
Out of stock
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0110003
Flexible stickers for nail design with drawings in turquoise and pink tones. They can be applied over base coat and colored gel polish. Do not require wetting. Adhesive backing on the back. Just remove the sticker with tweezers from the tablet and attach to the nail, straighten and cover with a top ..
1.90 $
Komilfo Color Art Sticker #004
Out of stock
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0110004
If you want to decorate your nails with a graphic design, this can be done quickly and easily with the presented Comme il faut stickers. Flexible, on the nails look voluminous. On the tablet original graphic prints in purple, pink, turquoise. When finished with a top coat in two layers, they are wor..
1.90 $
Komilfo Color Art Sticker #005
Out of stock
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0110005
A set of original drawings for fashionable nail design with prints. On the tablet there are diverse drawings of the ring, with which you can decorate all the nails in the same style. The stickers are very flexible, adhesive-based, perfectly glued to the base, gel polish. With a two-layer coating wit..
1.90 $
Komilfo Color Art Sticker #006
Out of stock
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0110006
Emeralds, the all-seeing eye, beautiful graphics on a tablet of art stickers. Very beautiful and voluminous look on the nails. Incredibly easy to use, adhesive backed. Suitable for long and short nails. With them, you can make a neat interesting nail design in 20 minutes. On our site art stickers Co..
1.90 $
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