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Milky Base Komilfo

Brand: Komilfo Model: Milky -b-3692-0005
Camouflage base for nails of a milky purple hue. Ideally levels natural nails, is used to strengthen thin ones. It has an average consistency, it is distributed evenly without streaks. Good covering power, in two coats it perfectly covers the free edge. Its density allows you to hide the defects of ..
8.25 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Milky-b-3692-0004
Milky base of a stunningly romantic milky purple hue in an economy volume of 8 ml. Well pigmented and perfect to work with. It has excellent camouflaging properties. Strengthens thin nails. An excellent option for a monochromatic coating, for watercolors, graphics. In design, it gives an incredibly ..
5.90 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Milky-b-3692-0002
This milky-white Komilfo base has become a favorite of millions of masters. Flowers, patterns with rhinestones, graphics, fruits. Any design looks great on her. The base is perfectly pigmented, such a base looks airy. Does not yellow, behaves well during polymerization, does not burn and does not ch..
8.25 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Milky-b-3692-0001
The most popular base for light design. Perfect milky white shade. Well pigmented, covers the free edge. It lays down on the plate easily and evens out on its own. Doesn't yellow. Under the design, glitter, opal gel polishes - that's it! On our website you can buy a milky-white Komilfo base at the p..
5.90 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Milky-b-3692-0008
A milky pink translucent base with golden micro sparkles. It is ideal when you need to get like an airy sparkling base. Aligns nails, strengthens thin ones. It has an average consistency, it is distributed evenly without streaks. Two coats perfectly covers the free edge. Dense, hides defects of natu..
5.90 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: 5340-b-3692-0009
A unique base on a rubber base in the most popular milky white shade and in a format convenient for masters - a jar of 30 ml, without a brush. Such a base creates an ideal milky-white base for design, gel polish. Provides super strong adhesion to gel polish. Perfectly levels and camouflages natural ..
13.50 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Milky-b-3692-0003
Milky white Komilfo base in a 30 ml bottle. Well pigmented, medium density, smoothing and masking, non-yellowing. Any design looks great on her. To strengthen thin nails, it is applied with a drip method. Suitable for long nails, perfectly covers the free edge. ..
13.50 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Milky-b-3692-0007
New Formula! Rubber base and intense white color. This is a cool base for your designs, looks amazing under glitter gel polishes. Covers the free edge in one layer! It has an average density, perfectly levels the plate and camouflages. Very resistant - will ensure the wear of manicure up to 4 weeks...
8.25 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Milky -b-3692-0006
New unique rubber base in intense white. An ideal, super resistant base for any nail task. Sufficiently dense, covers the nail and the free edge in one layer. Looks airy. For drawings, glitters, inlays, it is ideal. Our price for the new Komilfo base is the best on the market. ..
5.90 $
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