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Luminous Base Komilfo

Brand: Komilfo Model: Luminous-b-0001
The light-reflecting base of a soft pink shade is an explosive shine, incredible tenderness and a flawless, resistant coating. It contains multi-faceted reflective particles that play like flashes of brilliance in any light. Such a base is a self-sufficient nail product. ..
6.30 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Luminous-b-0002
A new sparkling Komilfo il faut base in a delicate peach shade dotted with reflective particles. Apply this base in one or two layers and you will get an insanely beautiful sparkling coating that will look appropriate and elegant in daylight, and in the light of spotlights will dazzle with an explos..
6.30 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Luminous-b-0003
Soft lilac reflective base with a bright glow. Buy Luminous Komilfo base - get an unusual shining manicure easily and quickly. Plastic and moderately thick, easy to apply, perfectly covers the nail, on long nails it is recommended to apply in two layers. Multifaceted reflective particles lay down ev..
6.30 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Luminous-b-0004
New reflective base in pink/grey. On the nails gives the effect of a flash of radiance. It has a medium non-flowing consistency, rich pigment and multifaceted reflective particles. Color and shine remain stable after polymerization. Perfectly leveled, suitable for any type and length of nails. ..
6.30 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Luminous-b-0005
A light gold reflective base creates a sophisticated, high-shine finish on nails that lasts longer. Very comfortable application due to the medium self-leveling consistency. The coating remains unchanged (shade, shine) after drying. On our site reflective base Comme il faut at uniquely low prices. ..
6.30 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Luminous-b-0006
This base allows you to make an explosive red manicure using the express method. It can be an excellent base for design and gel polish. The deep red hue contains multi-faceted reflective particles that play amazingly in any light. Well pigmented. Bright shine for the entire period of wear of the coa..
6.30 $
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