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Luxton Titan Gel polish

Brand: Luxton Model: 4110201
Want to cover your nails with a diamond chip, then you need to buy LUXTON Titan gel polish in silver color. This coating embodies super shine and magical shimmer. In addition to the mesmerizing effect, it has the following advantages: deluxe quality, enhanced pigmentation, ease of application, econo..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110202
LUXTON Titan Gold Glitter Mica Gel Polish gives your nails a precious coating of gold alloy for a brilliant sheen. It is easy to apply without smudging, thanks to its dense texture. The brush stays perfectly shaped, which makes it easy to create designs. The special brush with a high content of fluf..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110203
Cover your nails with precious turquoise glitter topaz. Then buy LUXTON Titan nail polish with liquid foil effect. It is most saturated with turquoise shades of glitter. This coating looks stunning and radiates mesmerizing glitter. Due to the premium quality and innovative formula, without the sligh..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110204
Maiden pink, glamorous glitter and jewel effect in a single bottle of LUXTON Titan gel nail polish. It's super delicate and glittery. Incredibly beautiful, looks just awesome in any light. It is easy and quick to apply. It has a dense texture and self-leveling property. The luxurious, premium compos..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110205
LUXTON Lilac Titan produces the illusion of a colored diamond with brilliant shine on your nails. Vibrant and catchy, it's perfect for a dressy look. Creates a dense, super shiny finish in two coats. This is a premium quality material that is a pleasure to work with. Buy LUXTON Titan on our web-site..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110206
Incomparable blue nail polish with dazzling shine in all lighting. It makes nails look very bright and unusual. An absolute Must Have for those who love shiny manicures. The gel nail polish is created using an innovative formula, it is highly pigmented, provides easy application, economical use of m..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110207
If you want a high level of glamour, buy LUXTON Titan Gel-Polish in an insanely beautiful tone of purple, studded with thousands of bright glitters. This is a deluxe finish! It's thick, it's thick, it's resistant. It makes your fingertips sparkle like a diamond chip. It is hypoallergenic and has a p..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110208
Enthralling color and glitter Titan gel polish is worthy of every fashionista's nails. Brilliant and super shiny. Premium quality to the last drop. Dense, highly pigmented, does not thicken during use. Provides an incredible beauty extra long lasting coverage that is worn without damage, color fade ..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110209
An exclusive blue diamond can be on your nails when you buy Titan gel polish with a high concentration of pigment and glitter. Cool shade and premium quality. Dense and thick, applies in an even layer, perfectly covering a large area of the nail plate the first time. It dries quickly. It has a light..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110211
The glittering effect of rose gold on the nails is incomparable, shimmering in all light conditions. Sophisticated and striking at the same time. It has a high quality and dense texture, self-leveling texture. Does not cause allergies and is incredibly long-wearing, up to a month pleasing to his mes..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110212
Dark silver with diamond shine! The ultra-fashionable variant for nails, which causes rapturous glances. It has excellent density, consistency and staying power. Perfect for complete overlapping of nails and accent design. Inexpensive buy gel polish LUXTON Titan in silver color you can in one click ..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110214
Looking for an idea for a stylish and truly brilliant manicure, then you need to buy LUXTON Titan gel polish in a pure silver tone. It contains the highest concentration of silver glitter, which creates an amazing shine in daylight and artificial light. On the nails it lays perfectly, self-leveling,..
6.90 $
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The Titan collection of mica and liquid foil gel lacquers from Luxton is a mind-blowing beauty of color and shine! Sixteen saturated shades with a high density of foil-like glitter. Each one creates masterpiece beauty on your nails Look for the coolest color and shine, you'll find them in Luxton's Titan premium gel polish palette.

It's a next-generation nail material that should be in every craftsman's collection. From the very first days of sales, the Titan series of gel nail polishes has won a pedestal in the ranking of the most spectacular and durable coatings. It has received many rave reviews in social networks and blogs from professional masters and amateurs who noted the main advantages of Titan colors, great density, durability and good wearability up to 4 weeks.

In our online store masters and home nail-masters can buy wholesale and retail certified gel-lacquers LUXTON directly from the USA. You will be delighted with their quality and pleasantly surprised with our price.

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