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Tips Off (gel polish remover)

Brand: Kodi Model: KL0010009
Specially developed by Kodi for easy removal of gel nail polish and acrylic. Dissolves gel nail polish in 10 minutes and acrylic material in 20 minutes. After using Tips off, it is recommended to apply oil to the nail and peri nail skin and rub it in. Order the optimal volume of 160 ml at a uniquely..
8.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KL0010010
The best gel polish and acrylic remover in professional-grade amounts and at the best price. Dissolves gel and acrylic material safely for your nails. Gel varnish - for 10 minutes, acrylic - 2 minutes. When using the liquid, the nail plate is dehydrated, so it is recommended to apply a nourishing mo..
10.50 $
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