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Primers and Degreasers OXXI Professional

Brand: Oxxi Model: KL0040002
Acid-free primer Oxxi Ultra Bond is an innovative primer that significantly enhances the adhesive properties of the nail surface.  It is used in gel polish coating systems, acrylic and gel modeling.  It is a godsend for weak and peeling nails.  It does several functions at once: it cr..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: KL0040001
The universal degreaser was produced based on a new formula.  It works delicately, perfectly cleans the nail by dissolving grease and dirt, removes extra moisture and stickiness, dries and protects against fungal infections.  The gentle action is provided by safe ingredients that don’t har..
5.90 $
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Strict abidance to the technology of nail preparation allows you to create a durable professional-grade nail coating.  This technology includes the use of special tools for the nail plates’ treatment.  The degreaser is used at the first stage, its functions are cleaning from pollution, grease, extra moisture, leveling and drying the surface of the nail.  The primer improves the adhesion of the nail to the gel polish, kills harmful microorganisms and is definitely irreplaceable for problem nails.


 The American brand OXXI Professional has developed the ideal degreaser and primer, which was highly appreciated by nail experts.  They are distinguished by their effective action, and their composition is absolutely safe, it doesn’t damage the pH balance of nails.  Their use allows you to create high-quality and super long-lasting manicure.


Comfortable bottle and brush, good texture and liquid consistency ensure easy application and economical consumption.  These tools are suitable for nail-masters of all skill levels and for home use.


 In our online store, you can buy Oxxi Professional degreaser and primer wholesale and retail at the best prices and with fast delivery.

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