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Nail clipper

Brand: Staleks Model: 9300002
Cutting length 14 ± 1 mmTool length 105 ± 1 mmSturdy clippers for correcting the free edge of thin and medium-sized nails. Suitable for manicures and pedicures. With elongated, narrowed tips to allow nails in hard-to-reach places. Heavy-duty curved handles. Made of stainless steel alloy. Additio..
12.00 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9300006
Cutting length 14 ± 1 mmTool length 106 ± 1 mmUniversal clippers with 14 mm long blades. Excellent for trimming nails on hands and feet. Give a precise cut, do not split the nail plate. Tapered tips allow you to cut the nail in hard-to-reach places. Tapered tips allow you to cut nails in hard-to..
12.00 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9210019
Cutting length 14 ± 1 mmTool length 114 ± 1 mm  Professional pliers easily remove an ingrown nail. The 14 mm long, tapered cutting part. The sharp edges are perfectly sharpened by hand, allowing you to handle the problem nail in one cut. The tool is made of surgical steel 40X13, resistant t..
14.90 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9210020
Cutting length 14 ± 1 mmTool length 114 ± 1 mm  This model will allow you to quickly and easily cope with the problem of ingrown nails. Rugged stainless steel construction. Manual sharpening under a microscope. The cutting part is narrowed and elongated, allowing you to work effectively in ..
14.90 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9200023
Cutting length 12 ± 1 mmTool length 124 ± 1 mmSturdy and solid nail clipper for cutting nails. Blade length 12mm. Perfect for soft and thin nails. The cutting edges are non-slanted, hand-sharpened under a microscope on a diamond wheel. Classically shaped handles with wave-shaped protrusions. The..
20.00 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9200024
Cutting length 17 ± 1 mmTool length 130 ± 1 mmThe model has 16 mm long blades, suitable for trimming large and thick nails. The extended tips allow nails to be trimmed in hard-to-reach places. Reinforced curved handles with wave-shaped protrusions. The pliers are made of stainless steel. Additio..
20.00 $
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