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Cuticle clippers

Cuticle nippers CLASSIC (NC-12-8) Staleks
Out of stock
Brand: Staleks Model: 9300001
Cutting length 8 ± 1 mm Professional grade tool, used for removing cuticles and treating lateral rollers. Made of the best grade of stainless steel. Hand sharpened using proprietary technology. The clippers have a smooth running and rounded handles so that the hand does not get tired even during ..
13.50 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9400001
Knipper for trimming nail lengths on hands and feet. Has a curved shape for a comfortable grip. Impeccably hand-sharpened and spring-loaded blades that provide a perfect nail cut without damaging the nail plate. The tool is made of high-strength stainless steel, non-corrosive.   ..
3.35 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9400002
Professional nail clipper for all nail thicknesses and hardnesses. Made of stainless steel, not afraid of contact with water and disinfectants. The special shape of the working surface and hand sharpening ensure a perfect cut of the nail without brittleness and splitting. Smooth lever movement. Lac..
3.90 $
Knipser with container for nails BEAUTY & CARE (KBC-20) Staleks
Out of stock
Brand: Staleks Model: 9400004
Men's nail clipper with excellent technical and cutting characteristics. Made of corrosion-resistant 20X13 steel. Sharpened by hand. Perfectly cuts nails of any thickness and hardness. In one movement cuts the nail which has grown back. Robust lever attachment and springing effect allows you to corr..
5.50 $
Nippers for leather CLASSIC 10 11 mm (NC-10-11) Staleks
Out of stock
Brand: Staleks Model: 9300007
Cutting length 11 ± 1 mm Tool length 106 ± 1 mm Manicure cutter for removing cuticles. Made of 40X13 steel, which allows them to be sterilized in any way. Sharpened by hand flawlessly! No pulling of the skin. Cutting length 11mm. Ergonomic handles. Perfectly polished hinge ensures smooth, easy..
13.50 $
Nippers for leather CLASSIC 10 14 mm (NC-10-14) Staleks
Out of stock
Brand: Staleks Model: 9300003
Cutting length 14 ± 1 mm Tool length 108 ± 1 mm Professional cuticle tongs. made of 40X13 stainless steel. Blade length 14mm. Suitable for manicures and pedicures. The hand-sharpened cutting edges ensure a precise and accurate cut. Ergonomically shaped handles give a secure grip. Smooth, light..
13.50 $
Nippers for leather CLASSIC 10 6 mm (NC-10-6) Staleks
Out of stock
Brand: Staleks Model: 9300004
Cutting length 6 ± 1 mm Tool length 108 ± 1 mm   Professional, suitable for trimming manicures and pedicures. Hand-sharpened for a precise and accurate cut. Keeps sharpened for a long time. Comfortable, ergonomic handles. The special ball joint makes it easy to move. Made of corrosion-re..
13.50 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9300005
Cutting length 8 ± 1 mm Tool length 95 ± 1 mm Professional manicure forceps for cuticles with a cutting length of 8 mm. Used for manicures and pedicures. Resistant to corrosion, they allow any kind of deodorizing. Retains sharpness and cutting qualities for many years. Hinge with multi-step po..
13.50 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9210003
Cutting length 5 ± 1 mm Tool length 100 ± 1 mm Nippers for trimmed and combined manicures. Perfectly removes cuticles and keratinized skin. Perfectly sharp cutting edges. Blades are straight and inclined. The special curved edge makes it easy to grip the cuticle. Brushed surface gives a secure..
18.49 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9210004
Cutting length 7 ± 1 mm Tool length 102 ± 1 mm Designed for professional use. Manual sharpening of cutting edges. Working part with a protrusion. Edges adjoin tightly to each other. Pliers made of brushed 40X13 stainless steel. Easy and smooth running. Uniquely designed short handles. Length o..
18.49 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9210005
Cutting length 7 ± 1 mm Tool length 100 ± 1 mm   Effectively removes cuticles and keratinized skin of rollers. Made of high grade stainless steel, will withstand multiple disinfections of any kind. Straight, hand-sharpened inclined cutting edges. No protrusion on cutting part. Soft-trave..
18.49 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9210006
Cutting length 3 ± 1 mm Tool length 101 ± 1 mm The spiral spring tweezers with extended handle grip and matte finish. Easily removes cuticles in hard-to-reach corners. Soft grip eliminates unexpected sharp movements. Cutting edges are straight and inclined. The sharpening is manual. Small h..
18.49 $
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