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Scissors for modeling eyebrows

Nippers/Scissors for modeling eyebrows (size: madium) (SE-90/1) Staleks
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Brand: Staleks Model: 9310001
Cutting length 15 ± 1 mmTool length 125 ± 1 mmThe tweezer is convenient for modeling and correcting eyebrows because of its special shape. The sharpened and curved blade allows you to remove hairs, correct their length in hard-to-reach places. The tool is made of 40X13 stainless steel. The cutti..
9.00 $
Nippers/Scissors for modeling eyebrows (size: madium) (SE-90/2) Staleks
Out of stock
Brand: Staleks Model: 9310002
Cutting length 18 ± 1 mmTool length 120 ± 1 mm  Miniature professional tool for brow and lash masters. Allows you to do the job accurately and efficiently even in hard-to-reach places. Hand-sharpened blades with safety tips. Working part length 15 mm. Extra long comfortable handles allow a ..
9.00 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9310003
Cutting length 15 ± 1 mmTool length 150 ± 1 mmTwister for brow masters. Made of corrosion-resistant 40X13 steel. Resharpened by hand. Excellent cutting ability. Blades are 15mm long without curvature. Blade tips blunted, to avoid injury to client. Handy long handles. Rear surface of blades is po..
9.00 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9310004
Cutting length 15 ± 1 mmTool length 108 ± 1 mmProfessional tweezer for eyebrow modeling. Provides increased visibility of the surface to be treated. Features maneuverability and ease of operation. Allows you to get as close as possible to the eyebrow. Hand-sharpened, non-bending blades with blun..
9.00 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9310012
Cutting length 32 ± 1 mmTool length 102 ± 1 mmThe scissors are made of stainless steel and have a comfortable length of 102 mm. The length of the blades is 32 mm. The smooth, hand-sharpened cutting blades grip and cut hairs well. Blades with blunted tips. Ergonomic handles with colorful coating ..
11.50 $
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